FairFX to sponsor Sky’s F1 coverage for remainder of 2015

FairFX is to sponsor Sky Sports F1’s coverage for the remainder of the 2015 Formula One season, it has been confirmed. The travel company will sponsor their coverage across TV, mobile and online. FairFX will follow blackcircles.com, Santander, Rolex and Shell in sponsoring Sky F1.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, who is FairFX’s chief executive, said: “We are delighted to have agreed this partnership with Sky Media to sponsor Formula 1, on Sky Sports. The massive global following of Formula 1, combined with the innovation and cutting-edge technology it represents is a perfect fit for FAIRFX, which uses smart digital technology to deliver better value and service to over 400,000 global travellers and holidaymakers. As channel sponsor we will be able to reach a much wider audience for our products more quickly.”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had never heard of FairFX until this press release. Given that the sponsorship deal was not concluded earlier, it appears that Sky have struggled to find a sponsor for the coverage, in a similar way that ITV did back in 2006, with Swiftcover eventually becoming their sponsor from round four that season.


5 thoughts on “FairFX to sponsor Sky’s F1 coverage for remainder of 2015

  1. I had heard of fairFX before, they did a wierd advert, to which I have seen multiple times, i’ll try and find a link.

  2. FairFX are one of the leading FX companies in the UK and as the name suggests – they sound the bugle for “fairness” in the FX market. I am pretty sure they got a good deal on the Sky sponsorship and would really be interesting to know what the sponsorship was worth!

  3. Since we have had sky f1 and not having sky because i dont think its worth it for hour half tv every month(1 race the other is on bbc) i have gone out of my way to boycott all sponsors of f1. I dont know what to do now i have now idea who or what these guys sell. How am i meant to boycott them

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