Sky Italia presenter suspended for tweeting Alonso insult

A presenter for Sky Italia has been suspended for insulting Fernando Alonso on Twitter, according to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Last Friday, at the start of the Chinese Grand Prix weekend, Paola Saluzzi, a news presenter for Sky TG24 (the Italian version of Sky News), is said to have tweeted “His memory has returned and he has now remembered how #arrogant and #jealous he is. #hugeidiot.” The tweet is a reference to Alonso’s pre-season testing accident in Barcelona. Saluzzi deleted that tweet, replacing it with “Being fans imposes education, my mistake, and I just. I’m sorry.”

According to Gazzetta, Alonso refused to answer questions from Sky Italia as a result during the race weekend.


3 thoughts on “Sky Italia presenter suspended for tweeting Alonso insult

    1. Excellent, thanks for the clarification. Have tweaked the article. Many F1 websites are saying that Paola is an F1 presenter, good to have confirmation of her actual role.

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