ITV retain Formula E rights

ITV will screen the second season of the FIA Formula E Championship, it has been confirmed.

As with the first season, every race will air live on ITV4, with the season ending London ePrix airing on ITV. In addition, ITV’s main channel will air a highlights programme after every ePrix, presumably on Saturday or Sunday evenings after peak. The deal appears to be a one-year extension, rather than a multi-year deal.

Ali Russell, Director of Media and Strategic Partnerships at Formula E, said: “It’s fantastic news that we are extending our partnership with ITV. The interest and following of Formula E in the UK has been overwhelming, which was evident at the final two rounds in London. We look forward to continue to build Formula E together over the course of the season.” Niall Sloane, Director of Sport at ITV, said: “We are delighted to renew our Formula E deal for next year. The sport is building significantly on a thrilling first year and we look forward to bringing this fresh, innovative and futuristic series to our viewers on ITV and ITV4.”

As of writing, there is no word on who will be presenting the programming, although it assumed that Jennie Gow will be returning to the role with Andy Jaye filling in where necessary. The final round of Formula E’s first season, which saw Nelson Piquet Jnr win the championship, peaked with 1.2 million viewers. It goes without saying that this is fantastic news, but also important for Formula E to grow further in the UK. Season 1 (excluding the London finale) averaged 168k (2.2%), peaking with 285k (3.4%), so hopefully season two’s numbers grow on the base already established.

I’m hopeful that the highlights programming may be strategically placed depending on the race is, for example it may be better to show Beijing and Putrajaya in an earlier slot potentially on Saturday afternoon or early evening, if the contract allows that. From ITV’s side, I hope the advertising is better as it seemed to completely disappear after the first round or two, never reappearing until London.


4 thoughts on “ITV retain Formula E rights

    1. I can’t see any logic in broadcasting either Beijing or Putrajaya qualifying live in the middle of the night, so suspect that won’t happen. Possibility of Punta del Este onwards being live though I imagine.

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