Sky Sports Darts to replace the F1 channel during Christmas

Sky Sports Darts in, Sky Sports F1 out. For Christmas, at least. To coincide with the William Hill Darts Championship, Sky Sports Darts will be returning from Monday 14th December. Instead of replacing one of the main five Sky Sports channels, the Darts channel will be replacing the F1 channel from 14th December through to Tuesday 5th January 2016.

It is the first time that the F1 channel has gone off air for multiple weeks since it launched on Friday 9th March 2012. It appears therefore that there will be no new F1 programming over the Christmas period on Sky Sports. A cynic might be tempted to suggest that this could be a move to quietly kill the F1 channel in the off-season – although I doubt that very much and would be incredibly surprised (even if Sky’s press office has refused multiple times to comment on the subject). Sky’s 2016 schedules should be out before Christmas, so we will no doubt see the schedule for Sky Sports F1’s early weeks in 2016 soon.


10 thoughts on “Sky Sports Darts to replace the F1 channel during Christmas

    1. Actually the darts attracts 14m viewers, a much higher peak than the F1 would otherwise get. Although it’s only over two weeks.

      1. Pretty certain that was a typo.

        Last year’s darts peaked with 1.4 million and reached 4 million. F1 hasn’t reached too many more on Sky, as I mentioned in the US Grand Prix piece, embarrassingly F1 still hasn’t peaked with over two million viewers on Sky.

  1. i think sky will do this and in new year sky motorsport will arrive off course this wont be on the old hd legacy pack .

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