Sky to field unchanged team for 2016 as Croft backs Edwards for Channel 4 role

David Croft, the lead commentator for Sky Sports’ F1 coverage, has given his full backing for Ben Edwards to lead Channel 4’s commentary team this season, whilst also stating that Sky’s own line-up will remain unchanged for the 2016 Formula One season.

Speaking about the lead commentator role at the AUTOSPORT Show with Henry Hope-Frost on Thursday afternoon, Croft backed Edwards for the role at Channel 4, noting that “I sent Ben Edwards a text message before Christmas saying ‘Look I hope the only thing that changes next year is that you have got a different logo on your shirt mate and that you’re still in the commentary box next to me,’ because Ben’s a top bloke and a terrific commentator. I’d love to be commentating on Sky F1 with Ben commentating on Channel 4 and then when we put the mike down we’ll stand and have a chat about what we’ve just seen which is what we do all the time.” In a survey on this site, a clear majority of you backed Edwards for the lead commentator position with the broadcaster.

While on the AUTOSPORT stage, Croft commented on BBC’s television demise from Formula 1, looking back at his time with the BBC “As a man who came into Formula 1 working for BBC Radio 5 Live and who worked for the BBC for many, many years, I think it’s a real shame that the BBC couldn’t afford to keep Formula 1. It was much loved Formula 1 on the BBC. It was much watched as well and it pushed and challenged us at Sky. It challenged us to hopefully not only be as good as the BBC coverage but be better.”

Croft referenced the fact that Whisper Films’ personnel, such as former BBC producer Mark Wilkin have been producing Formula 1 television for many years. “I think Channel 4 will be fab for the sport and they will be great for us at Sky F1 as well. They’ll push us, we’ll push them and the net result hopefully for you guys watching here will be that you get the best F1 coverage in the world. As far as I’m concerned, bring on Channel 4 and whoever joins David Coulthard in front of the camera, and whoever is there behind the scenes as well. When the cameras stop rolling, we’re all very good mates in the paddock, there is no rivalry to that extent,” Croft said.

One piece of news that came from Croft is that it looks like the Sky Sports F1’s team will remain unchanged for the 2016 season. Croft commented “As far as I know the Sky team will be unchanged. Natalie Pinkham will be taking another little break mid-season when she goes and has child number two.”


9 thoughts on “Sky to field unchanged team for 2016 as Croft backs Edwards for Channel 4 role

  1. Sky’s coverage will never be the best in the world. Why, Herbert and Croft are on the team!

    Sky’s coverage will never be the best in the world while Herbert and Croft are on the team.

    Sky’s coverage will never be the best in the world. Why are Herbert and Croft on the team?!

    I’m reasonably certain Jordan meant one of these three similar sentiments.

  2. The sheer arrogance and delusion of Croft is mind blowing.

    Sky’s output never surpassed the BBC (even with the negative that is Perry) and I doubt it will ever come close to C4.

    Edwards is head and shoulders above Croft, both as a commentator and in knowledge of the sport. The text message reference sounds like a hollow word of support to an underling, if I were Edwards I’d tell him to STFU, especially as he stole Edwards signature ‘lights out’ expression.

  3. Cant see the fuss about Ben Edwards, hes a second rate commenattor, but even worse alongside DC, its the shouty and drone on show.
    As for eddie jordon, hes just awful, they really need a refresh on the c4 f1.
    Croft was not going anywhere, not sure why all that speculation, hes excellent with Brundle.
    Still hoping sky part with Herbert and Natalie,

    1. Maybe you could explain how Croft is ‘excellent’.

      Is it his complete lack of a race driving experience?
      is it his ignorance of F1 or any other engineering?
      Is it his pointless stats?
      Is it the way he misses the majority of incidents because he’s not watching?
      Is it his wild speculation he passes off as certain fact?
      Is it his inability to know suspension damage from a puncture?
      Is it his shameless self promotion on Twitter?
      Is it the fact that his catch phrase is stolen?
      Is it the way he tries to hide his own opinion by saying ‘questions will be asked’?
      Is it the tabloid way he tries to sensationalizes mundane stories?
      Is it his lack of genuine passion for the sport?
      Is it the fact he’d clearly rather be doing Darts at Lakeside?
      Is it because he’s bland to listen to?
      Is it that he calls a race boring when he’s supposed to be entertaining?
      Is it his ‘I was having dinner with/I was on the plane with’ name dropping?
      Is it his commentating mistakes without Murray Walkers charm?
      Is it the way he’s clearly started to believe his own hype?

      Lazenby, another dispassionate Sky minion has actually improved over the years from face punchingly bad to mildly annoying.

      Croft on the other hand, as with Brundle, has deteriorated year on year. Both have ego’s and arrogance that grow season on season while every aspect of their on screen performance gets worse and worse.

      Ultimately though, these out of control on screen talents are the fault of equally arrogant and unskilled management/production.

      The paraphrase a famous quote:-

      All that is necessary for the triumph of incompetence is that good men do nothing.

      1. You do not enjoy him then.
        He works very well for me and my F1 friends, we all enjoy his style with brundle on sky.

        Only thing I will agree with is the twitter garbage. Ignore that part and anything twitter.
        But sky are no worse than anyone else jumping on that crap to engage their young kiddie audience.

      2. I can’t believe Polblagger had such a long list and missed out how often Crofty misidentifies cars…

        Having said that I think we are in this country absolutely blessed to have three superb commentary teams – including the James Allan McNish team on 5 live – to choose from in F1. Long may it continue. Croftys strong points for me are he is great with a conversational style during practice sessions, and how he keeps the audience enthused – he did a fantastic job at ROC last year keeping a freezing audience warmed up.

        Calling Ben and DC “shouty and drone on” as a defence of Crofty and Brundle is hilarious. I think you need to do a pot and kettle colour check!

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