Scheduling: The 2016 Buenos Aires ePrix

In the past six weeks, we’ve learnt that Formula 1 will be shown on Channel 4 from 2016. We’ve also learnt that World Rally Championship highlights will be shown on Channel 5. Whilst we have had a lot of action recently in broadcasting land, one thing we haven’t had is a race from the winter Formula E series.

It is time to right that wrong with the Buenos Aires ePrix. The fourth round of the championship takes place in the first weekend of February with Sebastien Buemi dominating proceedings at the moment. Before the fourth round gets underway, you should whet your appetite with replays of the first three rounds, available for anyone to watch, on Formula E’s YouTube channel.

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> FREE Full Race Replay – 2015 Punta del Este ePrix

One note for ITV’s schedule. I’m a little surprised they did not try to capitalise on the Six Nations rugby by airing highlights from 13:00 to 14:00 on Sunday, immediately before their Six Nations live game. It would have been a good chance to hook on a new viewer or two. An opportunity missed there, I feel. Below are all the scheduling details you need…

Formula E – Buenos Aires (online via
06/02 – 11:10 to 12:10 – Practice 1
06/02 – 13:25 to 14:10 – Practice 2
06/02 – 14:45 to 16:10 – Qualifying

Formula E – Buenos Aires
06/02 – 18:00 to 20:30 – Race (ITV4)
07/02 – 09:25 to 10:25 – Highlights (ITV)

As always I will update the schedule if anything changes.


10 thoughts on “Scheduling: The 2016 Buenos Aires ePrix

  1. It’s a shame how little ITV want to show Formula E. I desperately hopes it goes somewhere else for Season 3, because ITV and Formula E is clearly not working out.

      1. i think what would be good if BBC and Eurosport share the rights. Eurosport showing everything live and BBC showing all races live with selected qualifying sessions. either that or Channel 5 wouldn’t be that bad.

  2. Broadcasters may well be nervous of the longevity of the series. Also in the first year, the camera angles were very poor, such as some long shots where the cars in the pit lane looked as if they were going the same speed as those down the main straight.

    I would like it more if it was a support series to F1 on circuits, but the mickey mouse street circuits just put me off. Add to that the ‘parade lap’ of about 15 feet makes it a bit farcical. It’s a good 10 years before it’s time.

  3. ITV4 DID show the Punta Del Est race I watched it!

    I forced myself, because I had previously only seen the Battersea Park race from last year and that was a non-event for me. So I decided to give it a fair crack and watch another.

    I was not impressed, in spite of the frenetic commentary the race had no atmosphere about it, no excitement. Apparently no spectators either, at least the few cameras did not show any other than the pit crews, hangers on and plps. (Pit lane Poseurs as we used to call them)

    The track format offers no impression of speed being walled in with no scenery flashing past. It reminded me very much of an indoor gokart track i have been o several times at Guildford. That or riding in a underground train.

    There has been semi-auto battery change mechanism available for several years using a drive-on ramp with battery drop, slide and lift facilities. It should have been a primary objective in the original concept to change batteries rather than cars.

    Shan’t be watching any more thanks

  4. FYI free practice and qualifying has been live on their youtube channel all season so far (available for everyone)

  5. Some crazy comments here.ITV have show quali and the race live this season and last.its up to so called fans to push the channel button on the remote and hard can it be to do that?

    1. Agree. live races on ITV4, decent buildup programme, quali coverage, highlights on ITV. I wonder what exactly people think BBC/Eurosport/Channel 5 would do on top of what ITV are doing.

    2. that havent showed quali in s2. the only times they showed quali aws monaco, berlin and london in season 1.

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