Channel 4 begins Formula 1 advertising campaign

Channel 4 has begun its Formula 1 promotion in earnest with teaser trailers airing across their portfolio of channels.

The trailers started airing on the 24th February and will no doubt continue through the next couple of weeks as we head towards the Australian Grand Prix. I’ll adjust this post when clean versions of the trailers are released. Alongside this, @C4F1 is the official Channel 4 Twitter account for Formula 1 going forward.

The promotional work surrounding Channel 4’s coverage is being handled by Pitch PR, who won “a competitive pitch process at the start of the year.” To quote from Pitch’s press release, they have “been tasked with helping launch Channel 4’s 2016 coverage and promoting the broadcast of their live and highlight coverage throughout the season.”

Update on February 26th – Here we go! Channel 4’s F1 Twitter (and Vine) feeds are alive. A host of tweets came through on the Twitter account promoting their coverage. Their first tweet, embedded above, is the famous riff of The Chain which is remaining with Formula 1 in 2016. On television, more teaser trailers aired during shows such as Gogglebox. The car in the teasers appears to be the Red Bull RB7 from 2011.

The broadcaster has also launched their Formula 1 website. Clearly it is a slim line version at the moment, but Channel 4 promise that their in-depth website will be ready “soon”.

Update on March 8th – Coinciding with the formal launch of their coverage, Channel 4’s promotion is about to ramp up significantly with the launch of their 30 second trailer. As well as being broadcast on Channel 4, the trailer will be “broadcast in key spots on BT Sport and ITV1 including the England vs. Wales Six Nations rugby match on Saturday 12th March” in order to reach a wider audience.

Notably, the campaign will continue beyond the Australian Grand Prix, including radio trailers leading up to the Bahrain Grand Prix, which is Channel 4’s first live Grand Prix. Channel 4 notes that the trailer was shot at Silverstone and was conceived and created by their in-house creative agency 4Creative.

Update on March 15th – A high resolution version of the 30 second trailer has been uploaded to Vimeo here.

6 thoughts on “Channel 4 begins Formula 1 advertising campaign

  1. So the (albeit rudimentary) website and Twitter account is up but still no news about the on-screen personnel except DC. With the amount of secrecy Channel 4 are shrouding over it, you’d think they have a big name they want to surprise us with. Otherwise I don’t understand why they’re dithering; it’s getting a bit silly now.

    On a different note, that Channel 4 car livery looks very nice. Pity how sponsorship inhibits making better-looking cars.

    Also, do you think they would have opted for the handle @Channel4F1 instead of @C4F1 if the former wasn’t already taken?

  2. I’m bored with all the self indulgence and hype from the Sky F1 presentation so I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing the Channel 4 coverage – particularly because it seems that Channel 4 will pick up from the high standard set by the BBC team (noting that DC has taken a lot of the key members of the BBC technical and productionbcrew over to Whisper).

    By the way, it’s great to see that the BBC F1 website is still fully active with regular news and gossip updates and the BBC F1 on-line team are providing some excellent, comprehensive and very entertaining live text coverage of all the recent and current test sessions in Barcelona.

  3. So does the next winner of Bahrain will be shown next to the top ten results,and should the world champion be more prominent and not always looking for faults and also up to now the team from last year are good but new team have a lot to do to prove themselves, Webber talks to fast and no character for this particular job..

  4. How is it a racing incident when Alonso hit the car from the rear surely in the real world the car behind is at fault everyone thinks Alonso can’t make mistakes,can we not have more details on how they get to some of these decisions

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