No extra feeds for Channel 4 as Sky grab exclusive access

Channel 4’s live coverage of Formula 1, beginning with the Bahrain Grand Prix next weekend, will feature no additional live feeds, this site can confirm.

The feeds were previously featured on the BBC’s website and Red Button service from 2009 to 2015. The live video feeds included on-board cameras, a pit lane feed and a driver tracker. Instead, Sky have gained exclusivity to these feeds as part of their contract with Formula One Management (FOM).

Furthermore, Channel 4 note that they will not be continuing with BBC’s F1 Forum programme as they do not have a Red Button service. The forum used to air via BBC’s website and the Red Button. Again, there was the hope that the forum (or a programme of a similar nature) would air either via online, or one of Channel 4’s supplementary channels such as More4. Channel 4 are keen to emphasise though that they are looking for ways to “expand our service.”

A Channel 4 spokeswoman told this site: “We don’t have any access to extra feeds for live content, Sky have that exclusively as part of their deal. Although we don’t have a red button service for us to do a ‘fan forum’ type programme, we are looking at ways we can expand our service.”

“We have already launched which is the home for the voice of our presenting talent – with authored columns from DC and Karun. We’ll also have lots of video from all the races available online e.g. here is a highlights package we produced from Australia – And we’re looking to expand what we do as we move through the season. “


6 thoughts on “No extra feeds for Channel 4 as Sky grab exclusive access

  1. All C4 need to do is add an extra 30/45 minutes on to the end of the show for a few interviews & fan interaction via Twitter. If not on the main channel then More4 or E4. However with the Sky rights news I doubt they’ll bother now & I don’t blame them for that. RIP FTA F1

  2. Channel 4 have shown their real commitment by saying “Although we don’t have a red button service for us to do a ‘fan forum’ type programme, we are looking at ways we can expand our service.” The red button is irrelevant, if they wanted to do a fourum type programme then it’s easy, they have enough channels on which to broadcast it, they simply choose not to.
    The other question is that if they did have access to extra feeds, what would they do with them? probably nothing.

  3. It was not part of their deal to add extra feeds like the beeb and sky have had.
    That was mentioned on the C4 news when they announced their launch. It was just a 10 race and highlights tv broadcast deal.
    AS for a forum, doubt they would use other channels for that.

  4. Personally, I think it’s silly for Channel 4 to use an excuse like we don’t have enough broadcasting space. To be honest, E4 and More 4 are usually only showing repeats anyway! 4 Seven ONLY shows repeats. Why not disturb the scheduled repeat drivel to show a fan forum? Also, what harm would it do, actually showing it on Channel 4 after the live show? I think they’ve pretty much given up considering Sky’s announcement before they’ve even broadcasted a live race! 😦

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