Channel 4 secure World Endurance Championship highlights

Channel 4 will broadcast highlights of the FIA World Endurance Championship with immediate effect, this site can confirm.

The 30-minute programme will be broadcast in an early morning slot on Saturday mornings. Lee McKenzie and John Hindhaugh will present the show, with Mark Webber also contributing. The first episode from Silverstone airs on Saturday 11th June at 06:35.

The announcement is great news for the championship, to be exposed to a bigger audience. I believe this is the first time ever that the World Endurance Championship has been broadcast (in any form) on any of the ‘big five’ terrestrial television stations. It helps complement the existing agreements with Eurosport and Motors TV very nicely.

8 thoughts on “Channel 4 secure World Endurance Championship highlights

  1. Highlights, but its live online (they have a great official web app and website too), on Motors TV and Eurosport. Who wants highlights!
    Do not see the point and its quite a niche series that fits better online, motors tv and Eurosport for me.
    The casual viewer that I assume is what C4 new look at motorsport is all about, will not get into this series I’m afraid.
    Really seems odd why C4 are looking at motorsport, do they have a new exec who likes motor racing I wonder.
    Did watch their last live f1 race a little from catchup, it was ok but nothing special and just had many of those that got ditched from the beeb on it. They offer nothing new to the party there.
    The main presenter was pretty average too and relied on DC to keep it all together..

    1. I like the idea of highlights. Rarely have time to sit and watch a 6 hour race with 2 small children.

    2. Thats a very negative attitude to take….WEC is not best suited to being ONLINE, it deserves as much coverage as other series… has long been over shadowed and ignored and its time everyone got OFF the F1 bandwagon and became the MOTORSPORT bandwagon. Endurance racing is some, if the best racing on the planet at the moment and is being massively undersold…..

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what form this programme takes, remove the ads and it’s already down to 23 minutes. I struggle to see how they can sensibly squeeze 6 hours into about 20 minutes, it’s so short that you might as well just check the result.
    Presumably C4 got it for next to nothing so it’s probably a cheap filler to attract advertising on the back of F1.

  3. Highlights for half an hour of a 6 hour race… What the heck is the point of that… And at stupid times of the day as well… Sorry but this isn’t the best deal for the WEC when full races are available on their YouTube channel for (not counting broadband contract costs) free already… I’m not impressed to say the least

  4. Hmm!

    Maybe Chan 4 is getting a foot in the door for a bid to televise WEC/GT when F1 goes to SKY. By 2020 the WEC will have a stable and sustainable rules format, and be ready for commercial promotion.

    To those who think that 6hrs is a long time to view an event. Just consider the time spent watching the 2 or 3 top line football games shown every week on Sky. You might also consider the time spent travelling to, and watching a home game.

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