Monaco Grand Prix receives slight bump

The Monaco Grand Prix received a slight increase compared with other Formula One races so far this season but still recorded significant year-on-year decreases, unofficial overnight viewing figures show.

Live coverage of the race was broadcast on Sky Sports F1, across an extended slot from 12:00 to 15:50, the longer run-time due to the rain interrupted race. The programme on Sky Sports F1 averaged 623k (8.5%), down 21.8 percent on last year’s audience of 797k (8.7%). In 2014, on the back drop of Nico Rosberg’s error in qualifying, the race programme averaged 1.10m (11.9%).

Channel 4’s highlights programme averaged 2.15m (14.9%), its highest highlights number of the season so far. Monaco traditionally rates better than the races around it due to the prestige factor so this should be no surprise. Neverthless, Channel 4’s number is still down 37.4 percent on BBC One’s average audience in 2015 of 3.44m (23.3%). As usual, Channel 4’s programme smashed its own slot average.

The combined audience of 2.78 million is the second highest of 2016, slightly behind Bahrain’s audience of 2.84 million viewers. It is, however, down 34.4 percent on 2015’s Monaco Grand Prix combined audience of 4.23 million viewers. It is also the lowest average for Monaco since 2006, a pattern that is now being repeated as the season progresses.

Sky Sports F1’s race coverage peaked with 980k (13.3%) at 14:15 as the race settled down following a frantic opening 30 laps. Channel 4’s highlights programme peaked with 2.79m (17.6%) at 19:25. The combined peak of 3.77 million is down 26.5 percent year-on-year (Sky: down 18.8% and Channel 4 vs BBC: down 28.9%). As always, the figures exclude platforms such as Now TV, All4 and Sky Go.

Live coverage of qualifying on Sky Sports F1 averaged 354k (5.6%), marginally down on 2015’s number of 389k (5.8%). The problem is a steep 41.4 percent drop for Channel 4’s highlights programme which averaged 1.30m (9.8%) from 17:45 to 19:30, compared with 2.22m (18.4%) for BBC One last year.

Again, the combined audience of 1.65 million is the lowest for Monaco since 2006. Next up is the Canadian Grand Prix. The year-on-year drops for Montreal will be particularly severe, given that the BBC has covered the race live in previous years.

The 2015 Monaco Grand Prix ratings report can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Monaco Grand Prix receives slight bump

  1. David, can you please investigate the situation re Tele Monte-Carlo re 2017 coverage.

    I’m interested to know if they have the capacity to produce in UHD 4k, as FOM/Sky have already announced the 2017 season will be broadcast in.

    In 2011, HD had been around for more than 5 years and was becoming quite mainstream. Hopefully, TMC won’t have the capacity/experience of UHD by next season and will have to bring in outside help, i.e. FOM. Either that, or the “jewel in the crown” will be the only race not shown in UHD?

    1. It’ll be separate from the main feed for all races I think… That’s how every 4k broadcast has worked so far… It’s also how 3D used to work… I hate the local TV coverage for Monaco… The sound is strange the director misses stuff… Just no

  2. David, can you tell me or Is there any way of calculating viewing figures from an event shown in a public “space”?

    I only ask because yesterday I watched the Monaco Grand Prix in a pub bar with a not inconsiderable amount of people in there also watching as well as engaging with the race… letting out gasps, sighs, moans, groans & cheers at all the right points.

  3. canadian grand prix will also be effected by the time of race. The race live is around 6pm to 8pmish which will means the highlights will be after 10pm. How many kids parents will say no because you have school tommorrow. Its bad enough going to work

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