Brundle suffered “small heart attack” following Monaco Grand Prix

Sky’s lead Formula 1 analyst Martin Brundle has revealed that he suffered a “small heart attack” following the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix.

Speaking to Toby Moody at the AUTOSPORT Show, Brundle said: “I had a small heart attack running to do the podium in Monaco. I ended up with a 23mm stent in my left artery descending (LAD) I believe. I didn’t think I could do the race [Le Mans] and the cardio guy said to me ‘yeah, you can do the race, just don’t forget the blood thinners.'”

Hearing Brundle talk about his heart attack was remarkable, just two weeks before winning at Le Mans in the LMP3 support race. We knew at the time that Brundle had a medical procedure, we just did not know the extraordinary circumstances behind it.

Brundle also reflected on his current status with Sky and his move to the channel in 2012: “It took me a long time to take the decision to leave the BBC and go to Sky. Sky demonstrated to me that they were totally committed to the future of covering Formula 1 and they’ve stood by that, they’ve grown it much bigger than I ever thought they would.”

“I didn’t think BBC were committed and that proved to be the case, so that was a smart move for me. I love having the scope of so much live television. Live television gets my juices flowing and the adrenaline flowing,” Brundle said.


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