ITV4 grabs World Endurance Championship highlights

ITV4 will broadcast highlights of the FIA World Endurance Championship this season, The F1 Broadcasting Blog can confirm.

Highlights of the championship, which aired on Channel 4 last year, are expected to be shown in a Saturday morning time slot on ITV4, starting with the 6 Hours of Silverstone.

In addition, this site understands that there are plans for the channel to air some of the 24 Hours of Le Mans live in June. The exact technicalities of the Le Mans agreement are still being finalised, but expect the level of live coverage to be on a similar scale of that provided by Quest TV in 2015 and 2016.

Quest TV’s live Le Mans coverage peaked with 258,000 viewers in 2015 and 191,000 viewers in 2016, so ITV4 should be looking at a peak of close to half a million viewers for Le Mans. Whilst moving from Channel 4 to ITV4 for the highlights programming is a sideways move, having live coverage of Le Mans on ITV4 is excellent for all concerned (if that element goes ahead).

As noted in the Bahrain Grand Prix scheduling piece, BT Sport, Eurosport and are airing live coverage of the championship this year. BT Sport have signed a two-year deal to cover the series, which explains why the series’ organisers touted BT as “the new home of live WEC in the UK” last week.

Update on April 21st at 22:20 – This has now been (un)officially confirmed, on the basis that tomorrow’s schedules, which have been updated at the eleventh hour, show WEC highlights airing on ITV4 at 07:55. Really poor planning by the various parties not to publicise that information formally through a press release.


4 thoughts on “ITV4 grabs World Endurance Championship highlights

    1. One possibility is that ITV4 will choose to do what Channel 4 did and broadcast Silverstone and Spa immediately prior to Le Mans at the end of May / beginning of June.

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