Sky Sports F1 to broadcast Porsche Supercup live this year

Sky Sports F1 is to broadcast the Porsche Supercup series live for the remainder of this season, I can confirm.

The channel from the Monaco Grand Prix weekend onwards will broadcast live coverage of every Porsche Supercup race.

Sky’s deal does not affect Eurosport’s current Porsche Supercup contract. Eurosport currently broadcast every race in either live or highlights form, and have done for many years; Sky having never aired the series live.

Live coverage of the series did initially appear in Sky’s draft Spanish Grand Prix schedules, before its removal. This time, I understand that the deal is definite, starting with this weekend.

BBC’s current 5 Live Formula 1 commentator and part-time Formula E commentator Jack Nicholls has been hired by Sky to commentate on the remaining Porsche Supercup races this season.


8 thoughts on “Sky Sports F1 to broadcast Porsche Supercup live this year

  1. Who does the commentary for formula 2 and GP3? Also I hope they have improved the supercup graphics especially for qualifying. They used to be dreadful!

  2. They take the “World Feed” commentary for GP2 / F2 and GP3. I think one of the sticking points that led to them not taking live coverage before was the lack of a world feed commentary team. Has this changed now? I’d be tempted to stick with Eurosport’s coverage when it is live as Martin Haven and Tom Gaymor (Spelling?) are always reasonably good at making Porsche Supercup sound reasonably exciting.

    1. There’s still no FOM commentary team, Ben Edwards (it says on his website) only does the highlights package. I hope they get someone like Ben Constanduros to do it.

  3. Don’t know who was supposed to be in control of the immediate post qualifying driver interviews but they were obviously absent, pissed or totally incompetent. Was nobody even watching what they were broadcasting? Three cameras there, one obviously faulty plus one faulty mike, but they stuck with both the faulty camera and intermittent mike except to show crowd scent halfway through the Kimi chat. The the interviewer whoever he was, he was not introduced just suddenly the feed cut in after it had started. Then just to complete the shambles the interviewer dropped the mike.

    The large signs saying zero alcohol behind the wheel should also apply to tv producers/directors. Points out of ten 2/10. Collect your stuff and don’t bother coming back. Faulty equipment cannot always be avoided but there is no excuse for loose connections, or not testing the equipment and especially not for not bothering to watch the output and failing to correct or direct or produce. Bad day, whoever you are!

  4. It was like an episode of “Wheel Tappers and Shunters club” as it went on I was waiting for the announcement “‘t ‘ot pies ‘av arrived”

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