Jenson Button joins Sky’s F1 team for 2019 season

Jenson Button will be part of Sky’s Formula 1 team covering the 2019 season, the broadcaster has confirmed.

Button, who was part of their team during their coverage of this year’s British Grand Prix, will have “an increased role with Sky F1 during coverage of all 21 races next year”, a decade after he won the F1 championship in 2009.

Speaking to Sky, Button said “I’m incredibly excited to join up with the Sky Sports team again. Working with them at Silverstone this year gave me a taste of television broadcasting, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to again in 2019.”

Scott Young, Sky’s Head of Formula 1, added “Jenson’s arrival is fantastic news for our customers and for motorsport fans. We have a world-class presenting team and we now add the unique insights from another world champion. This will elevate our coverage of Formula 1 in what is our first year of exclusivity in the UK.”

The addition of Button bolsters Sky’s line-up further heading into the 2019 season, I have always enjoyed Button’s thoughts and opinions. If you cast your mind back a long way, Button has previous experience in commentary, commentating on the 2005 Monaco Grand Prix for ITV when the FIA banned BAR from that race.

Next year, Sky airs 20 of the 21 races exclusively live for the first time, with live coverage of the British Grand Prix shared with Channel 4.

Despite previous suggestions that there may be movement prior to 2019, Sky’s article announcing Button references all of their existing on-air line-up, implying that there will be no fundamental shift in the off-season.

One of the problems for Sky is that the talent pool available is not massive outside of their own team, especially with Channel 4 hoping to retain a distinctive team for 2019. Whilst some parts of Sky’s coverage arguably need a shake-up, it is difficult to do so if the candidates they are after are not on the market.


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