Site Announcement: “And you’re back with us, here on Motorsport Broadcasting”

After a three-month break and a few interruptions along the way, Motorsport Broadcasting is back, with a new look.

I honestly want to say thank you to everyone who commented and messaged following my announcement last October.

During the last year, there were times where I felt like there were fewer people reading the site, or enjoying what I wrote, and that the site was becoming a burden to maintain. What you made me realise was that this is simply not the case.

If anything, I needed a break, and I am glad I took said break. I have reflected on events, both inside and outside of Motorsport Broadcasting, trying to focus on the long-term picture, long after this pandemic has disappeared.

There will be a day when motor sport journalists and experts can mingle in the paddock. There will be a day when fans, en masse, can flock to racing circuits across the UK and worldwide to watch their favourite drivers race. There will be a day when we can smell the rubber for ourselves.

And there will be a day when I walk into a circuit representing this brilliant site once again to chat to the wonderful artists that bring this amazing sport to the small screen. I honestly cannot wait until that day comes (although I suspect I will be a little misty eyed when it comes).

It is for those reasons why stopping Motorsport Broadcasting would be an error of judgement on my behalf. As the 7 Habits say, “Begin with the end in mind,” thinking about the long-term goals, not the short-term hurdles.

Some changes

I want Motorsport Broadcasting to be distinctive in nature, of high quality, and a reputable source for motor sport broadcasting content.

Motorsport Broadcasting will focus on exclusive news stories broken before mainstream media outlets, whilst also taking readers behind the scenes to show how the sport reaches fans worldwide.

If you work in motor sport broadcasting and want this site to shine a light on your part of the world, drop me a message. This site is authored by a fan, for the fans.

Underpinning the distinctiveness is an emphasis on analysis, both social media and television, understanding the latest numbers and providing a unique take on the story of the day.

And lastly, Motorsport Broadcasting is interested in hearing what you think of the current landscape, through guest articles. Occasionally, the site may deviate onto other topics, where time allows.

I have, regrettably, decided to stop publishing scheduling articles on a regular basis, for the moment at least. I know many of you rely on them, but ‘list’ content is not only low quality, but also very time consuming to compile.

Instead, I intend to publish schedules for the key events in the motor sport calendar (e.g., F1 and MotoGP season openers, British Grand Prix, Le Mans, and Indianapolis 500), supplementing that with additional information in standalone articles where time allows.

I enjoy giving you, the reader, a unique perspective on this sport. When I do write content, I want my head to be in that space.

There will be fewer articles but of higher quality during 2021. Previously I became irritated if I did not write something by a certain date, but now I have accepted, that it is okay to go a couple of weeks without writing.

2021. Time to get started….

Owner and Editor of Motorsport Broadcasting


11 thoughts on “Site Announcement: “And you’re back with us, here on Motorsport Broadcasting”

  1. Great that you’re back and feeling inspired. You have a unique voice on a key aspect of the motorsport industry and we’re looking forward to reading MSB!

  2. So nice to have you back – I’ve always loved your work – in other sports as e.g. football there are more sources where you get some insight in how the media works – in motor racing it’s more difficult to get that kind of inside knowledge, if it wasn’t for Motorsport Broadcasting – thumbs up !

  3. Good, no need to bother with the scheduling stuff as we all have EPG’s or a TV Guide. Stick to the other stuff.

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