BBC release iPlayer figures for first quarter, some F1 included

The BBC have released some Top 20 iPlayer figures for TV and Radio for each month of the first quarter of the year, and included are some Formula 1 ratings of note. All the figures below cover the 7 days from original upload, as the Formula 1 material is only available on iPlayer for 7 days.

On the television side of things, 417,000 people watched highlights of the Australian Grand Prix on iPlayer after it was broadcast. A week later, 58,000 people chose to listen the 5 Live commentary of the Malaysian Grand Prix. Moving onto April, the Chinese Grand Prix live broadcast was watched by 316,000 people on iPlayer within the seven days after original transmission. I can see the logic in the 316,000 people, getting up later and straight onto the iPlayer knowing that the programme would be online, ready to watch.

I’m surprised though that 417,000 watched the highlights after it was broadcast, as it was broadcast at a daytime hour and not early-morning. In any case, you may ask “why don’t I add these to the other figures I publish on here?”. The simple reason is that you don’t know how many of the 417,000 people watched it on TV. How many of the 417,000 that were watching wanted to compare it to what Sky did? How many of the 417,000 people missed something earlier and watched it again? There’s no way to say that all 417,000 viewers are ‘new’. So for that reason, I tend to keep it fairly simple with just the live and first re-run.

In any event, I thought these figures would be worth publishing as there are not many Formula 1 viewing figures available for online, so it still makes for interesting reading nevertheless. As always, comments and queries are welcome.

2 thoughts on “BBC release iPlayer figures for first quarter, some F1 included

  1. I agree that you probably should not add the iPlayer figures to the standard figures, as an unknown amount will not be the crucial unique viewers, But the same can be said for Sky live and BBC highlights, as many people will watch the BBC after Sky and will also not be unique viewers.

    This is why although Combined viewing figures (Sky and the BBC) are down around 15%, the unique viewers are actually down just over 19% compared to 2011.

    1. I only add the Sky live and BBC highlights because it is the most accurate way of interpreting things, it’s more accurate than having Sky live (2012) vs BBC live (2011) because the winner will be plainly obvious. Okay, you could argue to remove the viewers from BBC highlights than also watched Sky live, but (aside from the fact that I don’t believe BARB release the data publicly unless you happen to work for BARB!) the number of people who watch BBC highlights and Sky live is very small, probably under 100k.

      I do agree with the conclusion, though.

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