Sky’s response to showing Classic F1 races: “no firm decision”

There has been “no firm decision” to broadcast Classic F1 races on Sky Sports F1, as of today. As I noted here, I sent an e-mail to Sky on Tuesday night asking about the situation with regards to Classic F1 races.

Their response was that there is “no firm decisions to show classic races”, and that the Classic Grand Prix schedule that we seen on the Sunday prior to Monaco, for the time being, “appears […] a one off”.

An interesting point has to be, why did they broadcast them, getting fans hopes up that Sky Sports F1 was finally going to be a proper Formula 1 channel. It is possible that they were ‘testing the waters’ so to speak for broadcasting them some time in the future and to monitor the reaction alongside viewing figures.

Schedules for June show no Classic F1 for Canada, as already noted, with no Classic F1 also for Europe. But then we come to Britain. Given that it’s Silverstone, one would have thought that Sky would make a big deal out of it with it being the home race with more airtime and features. Also, with it being one of the blue ribbon events alongside Monaco, I am hopeful that we will see Classic F1 races turn back up for Britain. Will that happen? Who knows. I hope it does.

At the moment at non-F1 weekends there is nothing for me to watch on the channel, as it is filled with endless repeats. At least adding Classic F1 races gives the viewer something different to watch. The viewing figures appear to support that Classic F1 races bring a portion of extra viewers to the channel, increasing the channel reach with it.

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