The Daily Mail story concerning the European Grand Prix

Normally on this blog I give my opinions on things on what I like and what I dislike, but here I want to make a few things straight.

On Sunday night, a BBC producer, specifically Richard Carr, tweeted the following: “Tedious delayed EasyJet flight. Enlivened by loud drunk TV presenter. Fortunately not a BBC TV presenter though. I give you two guesses…”

Obviously that led to a few people guessing who it may be. Which I guess, being Twitter, is to be expected, when you tweet something people respond. Someone asked whether the person in question’s first name began with a ‘T’ or ‘M’. He said “neither“.

Fast forward to last night, and this Daily Mail article written by Charles Sale. For those unaware of who Charles Sale is, he is a writer for the paper who writes daily sports columns covering the latest stories and gossip with ‘inside sources’, so to say.

The article states, specifically, that Simon Lazenby was the person acting drunk on the EasyJet flight. Now, I do not know whether those claims are true or not, Charles Sale is an insider whereas I am not. Therefore his words hold more strength than mine. But what I do not like, is when a member of the Formula 1 paddock, specifically Caterham’s Head of Communications Tom Webb and quashes the entire article, by saying: “Just seen Charlie Sale’s column today. What a complete load of lies. Good to see he’s not on his usual Beeb bash, but check your facts CS.”

Because by tweeting that, it makes it abundantly clear to me, that Lazenby was not the person involved in said incident on Sunday night, and therefore the article is an attempt at smearing and character defamation. The problem, is that the article is now being tweeted and shared with others all over Twitter, I seen one person refer to him as a “prick”. At the end of the day, there are real people, doing their job to the best of their ability. Yes, you can criticise their presenting, or their commentating or whatever may be. But unless you know them personally, you are in absolutely no position to call them a “prick” based on one single article, which, in this case, may not even be true at all.

I thought I would publish this particular blog, to set the record straight and to quash the article written by the Daily Mail which appears to be a smearing campaign, plain and simple. Irrespective of whether I like him or dislike him as presenter of the Sky Sports F1 show, what I do not like is people (or publications) who blatantly write articles, knowing what they are publishing is not strictly true and is only there to smear somebody else.

UPDATE at 19:31 on 26th June: The story has now been removed from the Daily Mail website.

UPDATE at 21:40 on 26th June: The article is back online at the same place.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Mail story concerning the European Grand Prix

  1. Apart from his Princess Grace moment I’ve found him to be a good presenter & likeable. As for the Daily Mail and their constant slurs to anyone in the broadcasting media, well what do you expect? Pick up on a non story (via Twitter usually) & sensationalise it. If I’d just done a broadcast over a whole GP weekend I’d feel I’d deserved a beer or 6 at the airport on the way home….
    Oh and well done to the @mycaterhamf1 ‘s Tom Webb for his intervention. Whoever it was it ISN’T Simon Lazenby & frankly I don’t care who it was.

    1. So far my own opinion is that he has been an alright presenter. Nothing fantastic, but at the same point not someone who is struggling all the time on screen. I hope he improves and gels more as the season progresses. It depends a lot on the pundits as well, he is much better with Johnny Herbert than say Damon Hill, I’m not a fan of Hill’s style of punditry at all!

      Agreed entirely with what you say about the Daily Mail. The story has been pulled now, which I think proves that the majority of the story (or the person who it was aimed at) was made up.

  2. He’s useless as a presenter, and a bit of a twit, and its actually pretty easy to understand why someone would label him as a “prick”, his tasteless joke about Grace Kelly, made whilst he was a guest of her family was enough to see him so described.
    Add to that the false jokey nature, the contrived and forced laughter and frankly i cant understand how anyone can like the bloke.

    As the story has been reinstated i think we can safely assume there’s more than a modicum of truth in it, had there not been any truth in it, I think LAzenby would be shouting from the rooftops.

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as useless, if you want to useless, Google Ortis Delay. That was useless, and cringeworthy for that matter.

      I’m not sure how much truth there is in it, but I would assume that the Caterham F1 Team communications man was on the flight, and therefore is much more reliable than Charles Sale who is relying on his ‘trustworthy sources’ again. GrandPrixDiary also tweeted “I’ve heard from two people (not from Sky) who were on this flight, I think the answer is, don’t believe all you read.”

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