Sky confirm races to remain advert-free in 2013

Sky have confirmed that all races next year on their Sky Sports F1 channel will remain advert-free. This post on their Help Forum by a Sky employee notes that “as per this season the actual races will be advert free”.

So it appears that things will remain the same with regards Sky’s advert policy concerning Formula 1. The saying ‘plans are always subject to change’ come into mind, especially considering it is a forum post, but given that it is from a Sky employee, you can take the post as somewhat official. In any case, it seems that Sky are planning to continue with the no advert approach during the races in 2013, which is a sensible move in my opinion.

Interestingly, though, one question raised by the original user, that being whether Sky Sports F1 will be part of the HD subscription for 2013, was not answered. No answer would suggest to me that the HD part is ‘under review’. In 2012, the channel was available for those with either the Sports package or the HD package, time will tell whether it will instead be exclusively for the Sports package from 2013.

7 thoughts on “Sky confirm races to remain advert-free in 2013

  1. But still adverts and sponsorship stings, during qualifying, free practice and the pre’ and post shows.

    Which is odd, as those are watched by very few people indeed, and therefore can’t generate much income for Sky, so maybe they’re being used as a softening up process 😉

    I wouldn’t mind adverts, if the income generated by showing them paid for some original content on the channel, but that seems a long way off.

    1. One thing we don’t know is whether Santander and will remain sponsors – normally it is reported in the media when sponsorships change (or at least it was in the ITV F1 days) so it shall be interesting to see.

  2. In most countries they interrupt the broadcast with 2×30″ commercials every 30 minutes. That’s terrible. Really.
    So next year I’ll subscribe Sky F1… just waiting for a (very) good deal.

  3. Will Sky be ‘bias’ free?

    Their blatant attempts to have the world title stripped from Vettel was appalling, of course it could be that the Sky commentators and pundits are just so bad that they couldn’t see the green flag live, or on the many replays.

  4. I got excited when I saw the headline, then realised they’ll still be interrupting practice sessions and the quali/race downtime with adverts.

    I won’t be paying for a product that carries adverts so will be sticking with the leading BBC F1 coverage for 2013 unless Sky see sense.

    P.S: Karen – I noticed that those who are extremely critical of BBC coverage (and Jake, DC & EJ) remained silent on the issue of Sky’s completely balls-up in relation to the Vettel issue. Rest assured, if the BBC had made that mistake, we’d still be reading articles in the press today…

    1. I can also be very critical of the BBC, but when the Sky commentators spent over half the race calling for a penalty, that clearly wasn’t a penalty, and their pundits getting it completely wrong too, then fabricating a second non-existent penalty, and getting that wrong too, you realise something strange is going on at Sky F1.

      The only thing I can see as to why Sky clearly dislike Red Bull Racing, is that while Sky were doing a piece to camera outside the Red Bull garage, Red Bull were repeatedly playing the Chain.

      Very childish and unprofessional of Sky F1, but then they were making tasteless jokes about Princess Grace earlier in the year, so I suppose a tranche of heavy bias from Sky is to be expected.

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