Sky Sports F1 unveil Christmas schedule

The Sky Sports F1 schedule for Christmas has been unveiled. The schedule for the three main days is as follows:

Sky Sports F1
Christmas Eve
18:00 – F1 2012: A Season to Remember (simulcast on Sky Sports 1)
20:00 – Singapore Grand Prix Replay

Christmas Day
10:00 – The F1 Show: Season Review
11:00 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (1/6)
11:30 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (2/6)
12:00 – F1 2012: A Season to Remember
14:00 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (3/6)
14:30 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (4/6)
15:00 – F1 2012: A Season to Remember
17:00 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (5/6)
17:30 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (6/6)
18:00 – F1 2012: Season in Stills
19:00 – F1 2012: A Season to Remember
21:00 – Inside Track: A Weekend with Marussia
21:30 – Britain’s Next F1 Star
22:00 – F1 2012: A Season to Remember

Boxing Day
10:00 to 19:00 – repeats
19:00 – Red Bull Season Review
19:30 – Ferrari Season Review
20:00 – Japanese Grand Prix Replay

The only new original content over Christmas is F1 2012: A Season to Remember which premières on Christmas Eve at 18:00. As of writing, no time or date has been announced for BBC’s season review, but I shall update the blog (or publish a new blog) when I see the details.

The F1 Show: Season Review is what was first shown on Friday 30th November, whilst Britain’s Next F1 Star began in late September.

The race replays are the full length Sky Sports programme including build-up and post-race reaction, and will be aired on the channel from Saturday 15th December through to Sunday 30th December.

Update – I wrote the above on Tuesday, with the blog scheduled for publication today. I notice Sky F1 Insider on Twitter says that there will be “review shows on every team”. I assume that will be twelve shows with clips of every teams’ season, either 15, 30 or 60 minutes long. I’ll update this blog (or publish a new blog) when I see confirmed details.

Update on 8th December – Schedules amended slightly.

2 thoughts on “Sky Sports F1 unveil Christmas schedule

  1. What a turkey.

    The problem with all these repeats, is that the anticipation for 2013 season will be muted, as viewers will get jaded.

    I remember blogs being full of people saying 20 races a season was too many, and they would lose interest, well 20 races repeated ad Infinitum, plus endless repeats of originally rather dull programmes, surely must have people reaching for the off button.

    You really can have too much of a good thing, and definitely too much of the Sky turkey.

  2. Karen, I was asking Sky to show full race replays, if they show the build up etc too all the better. Only mega F1 fans will watch & there is zero chance I will get bored. I think its great news.

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