Sky Sports win FIA award, testing coverage update

At last night’s FIA Gala ceremony, Sky Sports won one of the two Formula One Promotional Trophies for their debut season coverage this year. The team won the Television Trophy, succeeded BBC Sport, who won the award last year.

In the article on the Sky Sports website, Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, says: “A talented team, lead by executive producer Martin Turner, has given us all thrilling coverage and real insight through their live coverage, weekly magazine show and a channel full of programming. One year ago we said we’d give Formula 1 ‘the Sky Sports treatment’, and we meant it; a channel devoted to in-depth coverage of the sport, for new fans and old, and more ways for viewers to watch the sport. We can’t wait for the next season to start.”

Whilst winning awards is always a good thing, I do hope this does not prevent them from improving for 2013 by resting on their laurels. The Sky article does give a sneak peak into the New Year, with the fact that we have the first official confirmation that the channel will remain on air over Winter, as revealed by The F1 Broadcasting Blog last month.

Furthermore, the article notes: “Sky Sports F1 HD will continue throughout the winter with regular F1 programming as well as coverage of the build-up to the new season including all three February tests. Sky Sports News HD, and @skysportsf1 will also bring in-depth coverage and glimpse of what’s to come as the grid prepares for the new season behind closed garage doors.

So coverage of the pre-season will begin on the Sky Sports F1 channel with, and I quote ‘all three February tests’. That can be spun in many different ways. The obvious one is live coverage. Personally, I don’t forsee that happening, although some would argue that they would only be showing ‘Your Home of Formula One’ all day long. I’d love it to happen, but I don’t see it turning into reality. Instead, a round-up show either at the end of each day, or ‘The F1 Show’ at the end of each test with Ted Kravitz seems a much more likely option that will probably turn into fruition.

5 thoughts on “Sky Sports win FIA award, testing coverage update

  1. “a channel devoted to in-depth coverage of the sport.”

    There wasn’t much ‘in depth’ coverage, where were the technical documentaries, the historic documentaries, the business documentaries?

    It was mainly FOM supplied material, repeated material and some cartoons … Sky even rejected several original F1 documentaries, and also declined to show the old C4 documentary ‘History of the Grand Prix Car’ … Maybe it was too in depth for them.

    1. I can only hope that the depth and breadth of coverage increases, given what it’s cost me to subscribe to it this year. The few glimpses into stuff ‘behind the curtain’ at team HQs and interviews with a few luminaries were entertaining (although the latter were endlessly repeated, particularly Murray Walker’s five minute edit). I dozed off with the channel on in the background at the weekend… Woke up and thought I was in Groundhog Day, exactly the same highlights clip was playing!

      Kravitz is underutilised and you can just tell he’s always chomping at the bit to go into more detail. Kravitz teamed with Pinkham and Brundle for evening wrap-up shows during testing and off-season developments would be brilliant, we don’t always need GT, Crofty and the other pundits.

      Even money at the moment that they’ll show Senna again over the Christmas break…

  2. I do not mind IF GT did the co presenting with Simon BUT she has to tone down how she dress a bit as she wear dresses that I have seen in certain Sky channels (by accident as I am so NOT into that sort of trash)and do feel it not right for F1 presenting. Also there were times in 2012 that that her dress almost slipped and would caused something tat I would not expect while I am watching F1. I am no prude BUT I expect to watch F1 and IF as expected Suzy does get the BBCF1 job I would like her to dress in a slightly more conservative way as I do not want that the females who do F1 do not give the impression they are nothing but sex objects to the male orientated environment that is F1 😉

  3. I think they’ll do both, live coverage with some commentary & a evening highlights show with plenty of interviews

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