Sky and Santander part ways

Media Week are this morning reporting that Sky and Santander have parted ways, with Santander no longer sponsoring Sky Sports’ F1 coverage.

The Sky statement, according to Media Week says “We have just reached the conclusion of Santander’s successful one-year sponsorship of Sky Sports’ F1 coverage. Several brands have already approached us about sponsoring next season’s coverage, and discussions are ongoing.”

It is a slightly bizarre statement to make. If the sponsorship was successful, then why was it not extended for another year? I remember back in the ITV days the reason was normally low ratings. It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to find a new sponsor for 2013.

Sky’s other sponsor this season has been

8 thoughts on “Sky and Santander part ways

  1. Not surprised in the slightest. Aside from the dull and uninspiring “123 current account” bumpers, the pairing was awkward – and Santander has spent the past year progressively decreasing its presence on the high street. Isn’t the bank borderline broke, too?

    The Blackcircles creative on the other hand was inspired and I find myself stopping the Sky+ fastforwarding to watch them… It’s made me more inclined to return to their site next time my wagon needs new boots (even though they’re not my first choice), so they should consider that money well spent.

  2. when itv had formula 1 they put an advert 3 laps from the end of the san marino grand prix. the title sponsor was texico. From that day i never set foot in that petrol station despite it being the closes one to home. Even manny years later i still dont go in there as i just got out of the habit.

    3 days after sky got f1 my santander accounts close. 3 months later vodafone contract ended and i moved to orange. In short if i cant watch the formula one dont bother putting advert on anything to do with because i will boycott you.

    1. I did the same with my Santander current account in the days after the deal was announced last year. Moved to Nationwide and got free travel insurance. Win!

  3. Paying for something that used to be free and then the ultimate insult of putting an advertisement where there used to be none on the free coverage!!

    Like mentioned above maybe not the best place for a company to advertise.

    Also look at this

    I assume from looking at the table the estimate was 0.5m on non exclusive races which Sky hit but for exclusives they were estimating 1.34 – 1.42m which is close to double the amount they ended up getting for the exclusives.

  4. Am I missing something? I watched the F1 coverage on Sky all year and I have no idea who or what Black Circles are.

    1. IMO I thought the Black Circles sponsor bumpers were pretty no nonsense and quite enjoyable.

      Murray Walker doing all the voiceovers, lipsynced with various people (grid girls, kids at the races for a day etc) – everyone but MW. Intro bumpers had a short factoid followed by “Black Circles dot com. New tyres, online.” with the BC logo on white background. Simple, striking, effective. Good strong ad creative. Santander’s on the other hand was just limpwristed corporate branding fodder with a poor attempt to make F1 ‘fit in with the brand’. The voiceover guy’s intonation was really annoying and chirpy too. But then, how to make banking products sexy…

      1. Hmmm… admittedly I tended to leave for tea and switch off when the adverts came on, so missed.
        Even still, when undistracted at the public showings that I went to during the year, I never saw them then either.
        How odd. Oh well.

      2. That was the beauty of them 😀 If you were a couch potato, you didn’t mind them. If you were doing an F1 in Pubs… Not a problem, they were only 10 seconds! And not intrusive. I was grateful for them, hope they sponsor 2013 too.

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