Sky Sports F1 and the ‘HD pack’

At the end of November, I reported that the Sky Sports F1 being part of the HD pack for 2013 was ‘under review’. For those unclear, in 2012, people who subscribe to either the HD pack or the Sports pack on Sky had access to Sky Sports F1.

The question was whether that would apply again this season, or whether the Sky Sports F1 channel would simply be exclusive to the Sports pack on Sky. As of writing, however, the indications are that Sky Sports F1 will be available for those that subscribe to the HD pack in 2013. The Sky website says “free with Sky Sports or HD Pack” which indicates the same status as last year concerning the channel. You may ask whether that page has been updated since the end of last season, the ‘General and further terms’ section at the footer of the page says that the information is correct as of December 21st, 2012, incidentally that being the same date as the line-ups being announced for 2013. The phrase ‘subject to change’ comes into mind so it is worth checking the above page in the run-up to Australia in March but it appears that things are staying the same for Sky customers with the HD pack only.

Note that the above though does not apply to Virgin Media subscribers. Last year, Virgin Media subscribers only had access to the standard definition version of Sky Sports F1. As of writing, it appears the same will apply for 2013, with Virgin Media subscribers only having access to Sky Sports 1 and 2 HD. Over on BT Vision, and it looks like their subscribers will be without Sky Sports F1 in 2013.

As always, I will update the blog if there are any changes to the respective service statuses but that is where we stand at the moment..


6 thoughts on “Sky Sports F1 and the ‘HD pack’

  1. Good, because if this changes, oh look! – my subscription is up just before the F1 season starts, and I’ll have no problems cancelling my £36.75 a month subscription (thirty seven quid! just for the F1 and Discovery channel in HD!). Either way I’ll be bartering a fierce discount and a new Sky+ box, they only give renewing customers deals if you pester retentions.

  2. Seems Sky F1 isn’t doing too well. I have Sky HD and agree with Christopher Woods’ comment.

    In my view, having seen both broadcasters’ coverage, the BBC’s live coverage surpasses Sky’s, is advert free (very important for live sport) and is good enough to make me question whether subscribing to Sky for 10 races is appropriate. My sub is out of contract in March… anyway, I saw the blog about the ratings for the season reviews:

    BBC’s rating (shown once on BBC1): 1,330,000 viewers (11.3% viewing share)
    Sky’s highest rating from 16 airings: 13,300 viewers (0.06% viewing share… OUCH!!)

    Obviously these dire figures are further evidence that F1 on Sky simply wouldn’t survive if rolled into one of the sports packs… that assumes it’s going to survive at all…

  3. Just enquired about changing packages with sky. I currently have HD with F1 HD if I move packages the F1 will be in standard definition only, I would need to take sports pack if I want it in HD. So it looks like things are changing as we all thought they would when sky took on F1.

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