How the season reviews rated over Christmas

With both BBC and Sky Sports producing Formula 1 season reviews over Christmas, it means we have two sets of television ratings to look at.

The BBC F1 review aired last Saturday (29th December) at 13:00 on BBC One to an average of 1.33 million viewers, a 11.3% viewing share. The figure is in-line with BBC’s previous efforts: in 2009 the review averaged 1.21 million viewers, whilst in 2011 the review was watched by 1.25 million viewers.

On Sky, across sixteen airings from Christmas Eve to December 29th, their season review recorded a total of 96,000 viewers. The highest rated airing was on Christmas Eve on Sky Sports 1 at 18:00 which consolidated to a total of 13,300 viewers, a 0.06% viewing share. Aside from their main review, the team reviews from Boxing Day onwards have not fared any better, all consolidating in the official ratings to under 10,000 viewers.


2 thoughts on “How the season reviews rated over Christmas

  1. I thought the majority of the individual reviews were good, but the Red Bull one, made by Whisper Films, was boring and felt as if Sky hadn’t bothered to do anything themselves, and to top it off, there wasn’t even a credit given to Whisper

  2. The BBC upped its audience probably due to returning the end of season review to a more traditional broadcast slot.
    As for Sky, very few people watched, just like the constant repeats seem to have damaged the official season review DVD uptake, viewers can only take so much of the same thing over and over again.

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