Brundle “very happy” with first year at Sky

Martin Brundle has expressed his happiness at how his first year with the Sky Sports F1 team has gone.

Speaking at the AUTOSPORT Show, Brundle said “I’m very happy. Last year, sitting here at the AUTOSPORT Show, I was wondering [about my decision] because it took me a long time to make the decision as I liked what we were doing at the BBC, but I also liked what Sky were proposing to do and the role they wanted me to play. It wasn’t until the first race in March that I quickly began to realise that I really was happy with my decision. I think they put on a great show [for their first year], and we’ve got a good rapport among the people working in vision at Sky and those working behind [the scenes] as well.”

“We’re putting out 14 hours a weekend at a grand prix, a huge amount of content, and I’m probably working twice as hard as ever before on Formula 1 television. We’ve got the resource, and if you look back through the Olympics, who was still running F1 stuff? Sky. If you look through the Winter, who is out there with F1? Sky. Nobody is really out there [doing anything] in the television world.”, Brundle said regarding the amount of output Sky produced.

Brundle also commented about how Formula 1 broadcasting has moved on, noting “In the ITV days, we had 5 x 2’45” breaks which the fans did not like at all, we would have gone back to that. I think the solution was quite an elegant, at the time the fans were upset [about the BBC and Sky deal]. I don’t get that kind of feedback any more.”

In my opinion, it depends whether you look at Sky Sports F1 as a programme or a channel. If you just see it as a programme, then yes the first year has been very successful. But as a channel, there is significant room for improvement, as outlined before. The weekend output, which Brundle is involved in, is largely fine. Okay, there needs to be some changes to perfect it, but for the first year it was a good starting point to begin at. I’m not sure I particularly agree with Brundle’s point about being still on air throughout the Winter, after all the Sky Sports F1 channel is full of repeats from 2012, there is nothing in the schedules to bring the aficionado into watch.


3 thoughts on “Brundle “very happy” with first year at Sky

  1. “at the time the fans were upset [about the BBC and Sky deal]. I don’t get that kind of feedback any more.”

    Really?? Follow the #BBCF1 and #SKYF1 hashtags on Twitter… lots of feedback there!

    • He doesn’t get that kind of feedback anymore because he’s at SkyF1, which has very few viewers, and Sky’s own F1 message board deletes ‘off message’ comments. He seems to be trying to convince himself that money wasn’t the reason he went to Sky, well money and the promise from Sky that he’d be given the chance to promote his son’s mediocre racing career, something the BBC said no to.

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