Testing ratings remain consistent

Sky Sports F1’s coverage of testing maintained its viewership from Thursday, but failed to bring in many more viewers, suggesting that it had already reached ‘the peak’.

After an unusual dip on Friday, where only a combined average of 20,000 viewers tuned in to see the coverage, Saturday and Sunday fared better. Saturday’s coverage brought a combined average of 67,000 viewers to Sky Sports F1, peaking with 122,000 viewers. Despite the lack of competition, Sunday failed to improve and dropped slightly, with an average of 57,000 viewers, peaking with a combined 120,000 viewers. Despite no extraordinary peaks, Sky will no doubt be very pleased to see that the viewing figures were largely consistent over the course of the weekend. As explained on Thursday, I have combined the figures for the live showing and first repeat as I believe it better reflects the viewing figures to cater for those that may not be able to watch the first live airing. Also, all ratings exclude Sky 3D and Sky Go online as BARB do not report those ratings.

The highest individual rating was for Saturday’s live coverage, which averaged 56,000 viewers (0.6%), peaking with 99,000 viewers (1.1%). Below is a summary of the four days:

Thursday 28th February
14:00 – Live Testing: 32k (0.50%)
– peak: 44k (0.52%) at 16:00
18:30 – Testing Repeat: 33k (0.20%)
– peak: 75k (0.34%) at 20:30

Friday 1st March
14:00 – Live Testing: 9k (0.12%)
16:30 – The F1 Show: 8k (0.06%)
17:30 – Testing Repeat: 11k (0.06%)
20:00 – The F1 Show: 15k (0.06%)

Saturday 2nd March
14:00 – Live Testing: 56k (0.59%)
– peak: 99k (1.17%) at 14:15
18:30 – Testing Repeat: 11k (0.05%)
– peak: 23k (0.12%) at 18:30

Sunday 3rd March
14:00 – Live Testing: 46k (0.37%)
– peak: 77k (0.67%) at 14:50
18:30 – Testing Repeat: 11k (0.04%)
– peak: 43k (0.19%) at 18:40

28/02 – 65k (0.70%), peak: 119k (0.86%)
01/03 – 20k (0.18%)
02/03 – 67k (0.64%), peak: 122k (1.29%)
03/03 – 57k (0.41%), peak: 120k (0.86%)

I would be surprised if they increase the coverage for next year, as I think we had the right amount for the four days in Barcelona. Whether they choose to do that for all three tests in 2014, we shall see.

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