Sky Sports F1 – Top 10 ratings (week ending 19th May, 2013) – ratings delayed

Unfortunately there is nothing from BARB this week as the ratings have been delayed, so expect to see them in six weeks.

In its absence, this week is the first full week for Motors TV in its new EPG slot on Sky. The channel reach for the past few weeks has been as follows:

Motors TV – Channel Reach – Week Ending
07/04/13 – 412,000 viewers
14/04/13 – 461,000 viewers
21/04/13 – 414,000 viewers
28/04/13 – 359,000 viewers
05/05/13 – 269,000 viewers
12/05/13 – 243,000 viewers <- channel changes EPG slots on May 9th
19/05/13 – 311,000 viewers

Oddly, the reach dropped before the switch. At this point it is difficult to tell how much of an effect the EPG switch has had. Motors TV’s 311,000 viewers reach compares with 511,000 viewers for Sky Sports F1 in the same week, despite the former getting nowhere near as much promotion as the latter.


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