Scheduling: The 2013 German Grand Prix

If Formula 1 fans couldn’t get enough of the action, the teams, drivers and machinery very quickly head from Silverstone to the Nurburgring for the German Grand Prix. I suspect only one word will be on many people’s lips though…

Sky’s Classic F1 races this week are 1993, 2000, 2005, 2009 and 2011. Personally, I’m very happy to see 2000 being shown, so I look forward to seeing that race in full again! It is a BBC highlights weekend, meaning that coverage is on BBC One in the evening. There is a potential disclaimer if Andy Murray gets to the Wimbledon final that the highlights could be moved over to BBC Two in the event it goes the full five sets but we will cross that bridge if it comes. – see the bottom of this post.

Also because of Wimbledon, all of BBC’s radio coverage of the sessions is on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. Here are all the scheduling details you need:

Tuesday 2nd July
20:00 to 21:00 – F1: 1993 German Grand Prix Highlights (Sky Sports F1)
– commentary from Murray Walker and Jonathan Palmer
– repeated on Friday 5th July at 18:00
21:00 to 23:15 – F1: 2000 German Grand Prix (Sky Sports F1)
– commentary from Murray Walker and Martin Brundle
– repeated on Saturday 6th July at 06:30
22:00 to 22:30 – F1: Sir Frank Williams and Nigel Mansell (BBC Radio 5 Live)
– was originally meant to be shown last Wednesday

Wednesday 3rd July
20:00 to 22:00 – F1: 2005 German Grand Prix (Sky Sports F1)
– commentary from James Allen and Martin Brundle
– repeated on Saturday 6th July at 17:15
22:00 to 00:15 – F1: 2009 German Grand Prix (Sky Sports F1)
– commentary from Jonathan Legard and Martin Brundle
– repeated on Sunday 7th July at 06:05

Thursday 4th July
14:00 to 14:45 – F1: Driver Press Conference (Sky Sports F1)
19:30 to 20:30 – F1: Preview (BBC Radio 5 Live)
19:45 to 20:00 – F1: Gear Up for Germany (Sky Sports F1)
20:00 to 22:00 – F1: 2011 German Grand Prix (Sky Sports F1)
– commentary from Martin Brundle and David Coulthard
– repeated on Sunday 7th July at 19:00

Friday 5th July
08:45 to 11:00 – F1: Practice 1 (Sky Sports F1)
08:55 to 10:35 – F1: Practice 1 (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
11:00 to 11:35 – GP2: Practice (Sky Sports F1)
12:45 to 14:45 – F1: Practice 2 (Sky Sports F1)
12:55 to 14:35 – F1: Practice 2 (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
14:45 to 15:30 – GP2: Qualifying (Sky Sports F1)
16:15 to 17:00 – F1: Team Press Conference (Sky Sports F1)
17:00 to 18:00 – The F1 Show (Sky Sports F1)
18:45 to 19:00 – Inside F1 (BBC News Channel)

Saturday 6th July
08:45 to 09:25 – GP3: Qualifying (Sky Sports F1)
09:45 to 11:10 – F1: Practice 3 (Sky Sports F1)
09:55 to 11:05 – F1: Practice 3 (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
12:00 to 14:35 – F1: Qualifying (Sky Sports F1)
12:55 to 14:05 – F1: Qualifying (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
14:35 to 16:00 – GP2: Race 1 (Sky Sports F1)
16:15 to 17:05 – GP3: Race 1 (Sky Sports F1)
17:55 to 19:10 – F1: Qualifying Highlights (BBC One)

Sunday 7th July
08:20 to 09:10 – GP3: Race 2 (Sky Sports F1)
09:30 to 10:35 – GP2: Race 2 (Sky Sports F1)
11:30 to 16:15 – F1: Race (Sky Sports F1)
12:30 to 15:30 – F1: Race (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
16:15 to 17:15 – Architects of F1: Gordon Murray (Sky Sports F1)
18:00 to 19:30 – F1: Race Highlights (BBC One)

Wednesday 10th July
19:00 to 19:30 – Midweek Report (Sky Sports F1)

Update at 21:45 on Friday 5th July – Andy Murray is through to the Wimbledon Men’s final and will be facing Novak Djokovic. If the match goes four or five sets, there is a chance that it could beyond 18:00. If that happens then either a) the F1 highlights will be moved to BBC Two or b) the F1 highlights will follow the Tennis at whatever time that will be. If you are heading out, I’d advise recording both BBC One and BBC Two manually from 18:00 onwards, as sometimes recordings fail if the time or channel changes. The Women’s final should be finished long before 17:55 tomorrow so I doubt tomorrow will be an issue.

3 thoughts on “Scheduling: The 2013 German Grand Prix

  1. I do hope any Murray is in final. It would give sky f1 a good run for viewing figures. I am glad its not at hockenheim this year. Since the track has had its layout been alter it just does not seem like a f1 track anymore. Just seems very dull to me

  2. if the final overruns the tennis better switch to bbc 2 it would be unacectable if the highlights are delayed (i know its only highlights ) getting really fed up of the bbc not giving any priority or interest in f1 in terms of show length and also they never advertise practise been shown. i just wish on all live weekends p1 and p2 would be 1hr and 50 min(10 min at start and end analysis and same with p3) every live quali should be 2hrs 30 mins and race should be 3hrs 30min. every highlight quali should be 1 hr and 30min and every race extended highlights should be 2hrs. i know other programs(sports events) might change the length. but f1 is only on 19 or 20 weekends a year of which only 9 are live they should really try and get all the coverage they can.

    • The tennis WON’T switch to BBC2 now Andy Murray is in the final, I can guarantee you that. Eastenders and the news has been delayed or switched to BBC2 so F1 highlights will be.

      Last years Wimbledon final with Andy in it beat F1 on BBC in the ratings – BBC are expecting bigger ones this year as they don’t have live F1 this weekend.

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