Motor sport ratings (week ending 23rd June, 2013)

With BARB yet again not reporting any Sky Sports F1 ratings due to incorrect programme logs for the fourth week in five, I’ve decided to give the official ratings ‘series’ a little bit of an over haul. The main difference is the blog post title, but just so it is now clear that the posts will encompass the majority of motor sport ratings worth reporting. At this point it is also worth noting that BARB have not reported any ratings for British Eurosport unfortunately, although that has been the case for many months. As thus, no official ratings for the 24 Hours of Le Mans are available (the overnight ratings report can be found here).

Beginning on ITV4, the latest round of the British Touring Car Championship averaged a very healthy 387,000 viewers from 11:15 to 18:00, easily the highest rating of the year for the series. That does surprise me considering the competition with the 24 Hours of Le Mans, however on the other hand it would have benefited from no MotoGP or F1. Nevertheless, it is the highest average since June 19th, 2011 when it averaged 399,000 viewers from 11:30 onwards. The later start times do help the average, sometimes this season the programme has begun at 10:30 or 11:00, which hurts its average.

The IndyCar Series race from Iowa failed to make ESPN’s top ten meaning it had under 13,000 viewers. It is worth noting though that the channel is struggling badly now that it is winding down slowly, the highest rating for the channel during the week was just 18,000 viewers for the ESPN FC Press Pass programme. On Motors TV, their highest rating was for the FIA MX1 World Championship which had 18,000 and 20,000 viewers on Monday (17th June) evening.

3 thoughts on “Motor sport ratings (week ending 23rd June, 2013)

  1. Sky continue to think that by misrepresenting the length of their broadcasts they can artificially bump up the averages, however this ‘con’ has now been reported on Sky’s very own viewer feedback service, where the majority of well informed members are apparently ripping into Sky’s sneaky and underhand methods, much to the frustration of the people that run the service.

    Even using Sky’s dubious numbers, they’ve lost nearly a quarter of their 2012 audience, and one suspects that the real number is close to 30%.

    1. And you can see why Sky F1 has lost so much of its audience after enduring their atrocious German GP qualifying effort.

      Rosberg was seemingly invisible to Brundle and Croft.

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