Motor sport ratings (week ending 6th October, 2013)

Sky Sports F1’s race day coverage of the Korean Grand Prix averaged 453,000 viewers from 05:30 to 10:15, official ratings from BARB show. Because of the way the TV world works, the rating is split into two. The first half an hour brought 113,000 viewers to the channel up to 06:00, with the remainder averaging 493,000 viewers. When compared to Japan last year, the rating is 100,000 viewers up, so a very good rating there for Sky.

Elsewhere on Sky Sports F1:

185,000 – Live Qualifying (Saturday, 05:00)
=> 101,000 – 05:00 to 06:00
=> 233,000 – 06:00 to 07:45
84,000 – Qualifying Replay (Saturday, 12:00)
74,000 – Race Replay (Sunday, 11:30)
52,000 – Qualifying Notebook (Saturday, 14:45)
49,000 – Cevert: The Most Exciting Man (Sunday, 10:15)

Nice rating for the Cevert show, and higher than the Alain Prost and Eddie Irvine première editions of F1 Legends, which aired after Italy and Singapore respectively. Nothing from Friday made the top ten, quite surprised to see no practice in there, even a repeat. I guess with the title effectively over, practice becomes even less relevant in the grand scheme of things. Qualifying is slightly up on Japan 2012, but not a lot. You may think that comparing with Japan last year seems fairly invalid, but I explained on Monday the logic behind it here.

Both IndyCar races averaged 9,000 viewers each. Saturday’s race aired live on BT Sport 2, with Sunday’s live on ESPN.

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