Motor sport ratings (week ending 27th October, 2013)

With the motor sport season winding to a close the only related ratings on BARB is for the Indian Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1. Interestingly though, the rating for the race day show is not split into three, but rather two. The full 08:00 to 13:00 average (the programme overran by 15 minutes) is 434,000 viewers, which breaks down as follows:

432,000 – Live Race (Sunday, 08:00)
=> 78,000 – 08:00 to 08:30
=> 474,000 – 08:30 to 13:10

Elsewhere on Sky Sports F1:

277,000 – Live Qualifying (Saturday, 08:30)
38,000 – The F1 Show (Friday, 13:30)
30,000 – Live Practice 2 (Friday, 09:15)
28,000 – GP Uncovered (Sunday, 13:10)

A fairly disastrous set of ratings outside of the live Qualifying and Race. I think the weekly reach of 1.729 million viewers is again one of their lowest yet for a race week.

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