Sky’s Jerez testing coverage increases year-on-year

Sky Sports’ coverage of the first winter test of the 2014 Formula One season from Jerez performed better than last year, unofficial overnight viewing figures show.

The four days, excluding any repeats, averaged 29k, which compares with 19k for the coverage last year. All four days were covered through a fifteen minute round-up and Ted Kravitz’s testing Notebook which followed it. The numbers below the full duration of that period, which varied between 40 and 50 minutes on each day. Interest was clearly higher than last year from the get-go, an average of 43k (0.2%) watched coverage of the first day, peaking with 51k (0.2%). Day 2 was similarly high, averaging 38k (0.2%) from 21:00 to 21:50.

Days 3 and 4 did drop back down to 2013 levels though. Day three averaged 15k (0.1%), with day four averaging 18k (0.1%). Below is a summary of the ratings:

– 28/01 – 43k (0.2%), peak: 51k (0.2%) – 21:00 to 21:40
– 29/01 – 38k (0.2%), peak: 50k (0.2%) – 21:00 to 21:50
– 30/01 – 15k (0.1%), peak: 23k (0.1%) – 21:00 to 21:50
– 31/01 – 18k (0.1%), peak: 32k (0.1%) – 21:00 to 21:45

To put the day 1 and 2 numbers into context, it is about equivalent to a GP2 race in 2013, and would have beaten the majority of GP3 and IndyCar races. That last line might sadden a few readers, but that does appear to be the case.

4 thoughts on “Sky’s Jerez testing coverage increases year-on-year

  1. Not got sky but have watched all 4 of Ted’s notebooks online. They are brilliant. Informative, entertaining and funny. Excellent job. If only he were on the BBC…. Related to this, any word on who will the BBC’s ‘tenchnical expert’ now that Gary Anderson has gone? Of all the seasons that you would need a good one, 2014 is probably it.

  2. Interesting read, sir. Is there any way to capture internet traffic in the figures, and if not do you think they would significantly affect the results? I don’t have Sky, but watched the testing reports and Ted’s Notebooks from their website. I don’t know if many other non-Sky customers use the Sky website, but I think their videos are a great resource for free.

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