Bruno Senna added to Sky’s F1 team

Bruno Senna will be part of Sky Sports F1’s team for the upcoming season, it has been confirmed. He will be present at seven races, whilst also appearing in special programming celebrating the life of Ayrton Senna.

Senna, who raced in Formula 1 between 2010 and 2012, will be at Malaysia, China, Hungary, Singapore, Russia, USA and Brazil. As well as being a guest on The F1 Show, Senna will offer analysis on the Sky Pad and be in the commentary box with David Croft, presumably for practice at those races. Speaking to the Sky Sports website, Senna said: “I’ve worked with Sky Sports F1 from the other side of the microphone, and always been impressed with their dedication and creativity so I’m delighted to be joining the team. I’m particularly excited to get my hands on the touchscreen technology and I hope to reveal a few tricks of the trade but also show just how skilled these drivers are. The 2014 rules and regulations, driver changes and new circuits we’re seeing this year promise for a fascinating season with everything to drive for – I can’t wait to start.”

Martin Turner, Sky Sports F1’s Executive Producer, added: “We got to know Bruno in the paddock when he was driving, and I’m thrilled he’s joining us – he’ll make a brilliant addition to our team. His passion for the intricacies of F1 and knowledge as a recent F1 driver who’s driven these tracks and raced these teams will make for fascinating viewing. With Anthony Davidson and Bruno manning the touchscreen and offering insight this season, we’ll bring our viewers a unique perspective on what it’s like to line up on the grid and race wheel to wheel with Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen and co.”

The morale of this lesson is not to read too much into anyone within broadcasting claims to have ‘very exciting news‘ or ‘literally bursting‘ to tell people. Don’t get me wrong, Senna’s a good signing, and I can see their logic considering he is a recent driver in a more ‘current’ formula of Formula 1, plus it allows them to rotate a bit more. But another driver to add to the line-up means that we now have five drivers, potentially six if you include Karun Chandhok. I would have preferred a former team personnel to add a bit of variety, instead of the ‘talking heads’ with drivers. It seems like both BBC and Sky are going down the route of adding former drivers to the line-up. Yes, the drivers of course are the main focus, but there is more than them that makes Formula 1 what it is. Like I say, its good news, nothing more, nothing less.

5 thoughts on “Bruno Senna added to Sky’s F1 team

  1. On the ex-team personnel thing other than Mark Priestley I’m not really sure who would be a good choice. Whilst with any ex-pro in sports broadcasting they will ever rarely say anything to upset their mates (or team they are ambassador for!).

    I do wonder with ex-personnel unless you get someone who has retired completely/is financially fairly secure would they risk ruining their future career prospects by ‘burning their bridges.

    What might be good though is to get some of the better F1 journos (I know they are few and far between) involved occasionally. A tech feature with Ted and say Sam Collins (from Racecar Engineering) would be superb.

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