Sky’s coverage of Jerez testing drops

Sky Sports F1’s coverage of the first test of the 2015 Formula One season dropped on 2014, and was also down versus 2013, unofficial overnight viewing figures show.

The four days, excluding repeats, averaged 15k, which is down on the 2014 average of 29k and 19k from 2013. It is worth noting that the numbers exclude anyone who has watched online. Unlike last year, there were no overruns, apart from day one when there were technical difficulties with Ted’s Notebook. Interest was lower for the first 2015 test than in previous years, which does not surprise me personally, from the outside, it feels like that there is not as much interest this year as there has been previously, for whatever reason.

Day 4 did jump above 2014 levels, with an average of 26k (0.1%), compared with 18k (0.1%) last year. Below is a summary of the ratings:

– 01/02 – 18k (0.1%), peak: 25k (0.1%) – 21:00 to 21:15 and 21:30 to 21:45
– 02/02 – 7k (n/a), peak: 10k (0.1%) – 21:00 to 21:30
– 03/02 – 7k (n/a), peak: 14k (n/a) – 21:00 to 21:30
– 04/02 – 26k (0.1%), peak: 36k (0.2%) – 21:00 to 21:30

The next two tests are being held in Barcelona, which should see an improvement in numbers as we head towards round one in Australia.


7 thoughts on “Sky’s coverage of Jerez testing drops

  1. I am not surprised by this if sky had shown testing live they might get more people also the f1 rules haven’t changed much either I fear if Mercedes dominate the viewing figures will go down but saying that if Ferrari do well the figures could go up you never now f1 fans can be fickle we shall see.

  2. this also doesnt account for the people who watch it free on youtube courtesy of sixtyfourbucks. clearly this also shows that there arent that many die hard fans(who follow testing) subcribed to sky f1, where were the other 700,000 viewers ?

  3. Sad thing is that theres no indication at all that live testing would be any better.. Australia is where ot matters though

    1. The final test in 2013 was broadcast live on all four afternoons, and rated better overall than the highlights. Plus, better repeat value in the evenings for those that missed the live airing.

  4. It’s hardly surprising, 15 minutes of Craig Slater’s voice is like a triple vodka and Rohypnol. Ted’s notebook is slightly better but overall their coverage sounds like a pub bore telling you about Glastonbury, hearing about it, isn’t really the same as seeing The Rolling Stones live.

  5. I think that sky have missed a trick here. A 1 hour show each night could easily be filled (15 mins focused on one team, 15 mins with general testing news, 15 mins of Ted, and 15 mins of preprepared general f1 stuff (track guides, inside motor homes, logistics, interviews…)). Such a show would be much more of an event, more marketable and enjoyable. Right now the testing gets lost in the schedule – heck, it even snuck up on me.

    Sky also have an issue where people downgrade out of season – is a few minutes of news worth the sub’s?

  6. I agree with Chris here, Plus finding what I want to watch, that is testing and up-to-date news is difficult amongst all the repeats shown Of old races et cetera. I have treated myself to the half price offer on talk talk F1 Sky channel for three months, and thoroughly enjoyed the F1 Legends, F1 architects and some of the old races but the amountof repeats is disgusting especially if you are paying the full £30 a month. I am trying to persuade my self to pay this in Marchwhen it all kicks off. I can dip in and out a month at a time, to try and get the sky full coverage practice, qualifying, races and post race discussion that are only shown In brief on BBC one, alternating, but the schedule makes it difficult swapping coverage so much.One thing I find very annoying with the sky coverage besides all the repeats, is a lot of the timings shown don’t work to record these programs. Programs running over into the recording time, consequently missing off the end Ofwhat I have recorded to watch.
    It has been very useful reading the information on this blog, in helping me follow the small amount of testing shown, and Teds notebooks. Being an elderly female who’s only hobby and main interest is F1, I have no one to talk to about my fanatical interest, my relatives eyes just glaze over when I start trying to enthuse them. Sorry, that was supposed to be a short note!!!

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