Survey: Your Formula 1 2015 television viewing habits

After a week dominated by polling, The F1 Broadcasting Blog continues the trend with our annual survey. For the past two years, I have conducted a survey on this blog looking at your Formula 1 television viewing habits. Both times the survey has attracted a vast range of responses, with 350 viewpoints aired last year. I released the results in April 2014 and did some analysis. Just over a year on since then, and nearly at the halfway stage of the current BBC and Sky contract, it is a good time as any to conduct some analysis.

I’ve made multiple changes to the survey in response to last year’s feedback, and have published the branches below for sake of complete clarity.

Page 1 – General
Q1 – Where do you currently reside?
Anyone outside the United Kingdom will be taken to Page 10.
Q2 – What is your age?
Q3 – What is your gender?

Page 2 – Platform
Q4 – Have your viewing habits or situation changed between 2014 and 2015?
Q5 – What pay-TV platform do you subscribe to?
BSkyB subscribers will skip Page 4.
Virgin Media subscribers will skip Page 3.
‘Other’ will jump to Page 6 and skip Page 8.
‘None’ will jump to Page 6 and skip Page 8.

Page 3 – BSkyB subscribers
Q6 – What is your status regarding Sky Sports F1?
‘I was a subscriber’ will skip Page 8.
‘I have never been a subscriber’ will skip Pages 5 and 8.

Page 4 – Virgin Media subscribers
Q7 – What is your status regarding Sky Sports F1?
‘I was a subscriber’ will skip Page 8.
‘I have never been a subscriber’ will skip Pages 5 and 8.

Page 5 – What do you watch
Q8 – What shows on Sky Sports F1 have you watched?

Page 6 – Sky exclusively live races
Q9 – How did you consume Formula 1 in 2014?
Q10 – How are you consuming Formula 1 in 2015?

Page 7 – BBC live races
Q11 – How did you consume Formula 1 in 2014?
Q12 – How are you consuming Formula 1 in 2015?

Page 8 – BBC live races
Q13 – Which broadcaster do you watch live when BBC are live?

Page 9 – Year-on-year comparisons
Q14 – BBC F1 – 2014 vs 2015
Q15 – Sky Sports F1 – 2014 vs 2015

Page 10 – Comments
Further comments can be made here.

There’s a few additions to last year, notably the age and gender parts at the start of the survey. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t provide a breakdown of the demographics of the blog. Whilst I can hazard a guess of what the demographic is, I’ve never had it explicitly confirmed, so this survey would be a good opportunity to do so.

The options on Pages 3 and 4 have been cleaned up. We’re in year four of Sky Sports F1. Initially I think there was five or six options for the questions on those pages, which looks messy and difficult to decipher, so I’ve made it simpler: you either are a subscriber, you were a subscriber, or you’ve never been a subscriber, depending on pay-TV company.

A question concerning what option Sky subscribers choose when both BBC and Sky are live has been added on Page 8. This was suggested by multiple readers last year, one said that “the end result of the survey will tell you whether people who have Sky still prefer to watch the BBC when it’s live.” Hopefully the addition of question 13 will give us a clearer picture where that is concerned. Regarding pay-TV, ‘None’ has been added to question 5, following up again on a suggestion made last year.

Like last year, the survey will remain open for around a month. Again, although the survey is related to Formula 1, viewpoints are welcome on other formulae in the comments area at the end of the survey. If there are any errors in the survey, leave a comment below this post and I’ll adjust if necessary.

The survey can be found here. The results will be published in mid-June 2015.

3 thoughts on “Survey: Your Formula 1 2015 television viewing habits

  1. My personal view is for SKY’s coverage, because in this instance, more is better ! BBC hasn’t got the time to fit everything into their slot ! i watch F! every day on SKY, but then i’m an F1 fruit loop ! always have been since the age of about 8 years of age from my first GP at Silverstone, i’m now pushing 60 years.

  2. Bearing in mind when you do your ratings sky cut my service off midway through the F1 race today lol… I do tend to just watch the actual race though these days I don’t bother with the build up anymore. Watched bbc for Bahrain though… Only because I was at a pre war sports car race (of all things) but its amazing how much the bbc commentators miss and how much of a Lewis love in the sky commentators have. That never ceases to amaze me… I think its a football mentality where sky and their audience are concerned

    1. Tend to favour sky though because i like familiarity with my coverage.. I’m dreading the middle of the nascar season as a result lol

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