Updated Schedule: The 2015 United States Grand Prix

Following the postponement of the 2015 United States Grand Prix qualifying session until Sunday, it means some significant changes to both BBC’s and Sky’s Formula 1 schedules.

After covering the announcement that qualifying was going to be moved to Sunday live on Saturday evening, BBC Two will air highlights of Sunday’s qualifying session at 17:00.

25/10 – 17:00 to 18:00 – Qualifying Highlights (BBC Two)
25/10 – 22:30 to 00:00 – Race Highlights (BBC One)
26/10 – 13:00 to 14:30 – Race Highlights (BBC Two)

BBC Radio
25/10 – 13:55 to 15:05 – Qualifying (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
25/10 – 18:30 to 21:00 – Race (BBC Radio 5 Live)

Sky Sports F1
25/10 – 13:45 to 15:30 – Qualifying
25/10 – 17:30 to 22:15 – Race
=> 17:30 – Track Parade
=> 18:00 – Pit Lane Live
=> 18:30 – Race
=> 21:30 – Paddock Live
=> simulcast on Sky Sports 1 from 18:55 to 21:30

If anything changes (again!), I will update the above.


2 thoughts on “Updated Schedule: The 2015 United States Grand Prix

  1. I’m not sure about you but this threw up an interesting thought for me on Saturday night. As the Qualifying session had been delayed for nearly three hours and had therefore run into the scheduled time the BBC were to transmit their Qualifying highlights programme, the BBC decided to go live from the Circuit of the Americas only for the announcement to come a few minutes later that Qualifying had had to be postponed. For me, it begged the question of what would they of done had the weather cleared up sufficiently for Qualifying to take place? Given that it was a Sky Sports exclusively live weekend would the BBC of been allowed to stay on air live for the session. Could the BBC of stayed live had the cars and drivers taken to the track or would they of had to of come off air and denote it to a later time?

    1. I don’t know for definite but I think that if the live coverage has ran into the BBC’s highlights show, they can show it as live. This is theoretical because Sky’s contract doesn’t have a clause about long delays. However, the BBC always says they’ll have highlights a few hours after the chequered flag drops.

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