Happy 6th Birthday!

An idea following my first year of University in 2012, turned into something that thousands read every month and enjoyed by those inside and outside the paddock.

Today, this site marks its sixth birthday. My main driver behind setting up the site was that motor sport broadcasting, in my view, is not adequately covered by the mainstream motor sport media, something that I wanted to change. Yes, the headline stories are, but underneath the surface in-depth independent pieces are rare.

We all watch motor racing for the drivers, the machinery, the thrill of the speed. But there is an undercurrent to all the spills: an effort consisting of hundreds, if not thousands of people to get the show televised, to get the story told and re-told in various formats, around the world.

Combining my love for motor sport, my interest in the media landscape and then the data driven side led to the creation of this site, which felt like a natural fit for me. Writing race reports that are elsewhere ad-nauseam does not interest me, other sites exist for that purpose.

The reason this site exists is to tell the broadcasting story, and to be distinctive in its content, from behind the scenes with those involved in motor sport broadcasting through to the analytical in-depth number crunching.

Over the past twelve months I have moved towards focusing on more on in-depth writing: fewer posts, better content, branching out into previously uncovered areas, and I hope that comes through on the site.

There will always be a need for instant posts in the event of breaking stories, however I have tried to balance the nature of the articles produced. If you are reading this and thinking “you should cover X”, I am open to new, original guest posts. Whether it is Formula E, World Rally Championship, or something completely different, new ideas and contributors are welcome.

I am proud of how far the site has come and look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve over the next year.

Creator and Editor of The F1 Broadcasting Blog


8 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday!

  1. Congratulations Dave, I’ve enjoyed your contributions ever since I stumbled upon you about the time of the BBC/Sky sellout.
    Your content is always interesting and you get good information across in a concise way.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. Congratulations Dave, I’ve enjoyed the blog over the last few years.

    Always interesting and with fresh ideas. Glad it continues to be well received.

    Long may it continue, keep up the good work.

  3. Nice one dude ! You’re blogs have been a joy to read since I stumbled across them just before the end of 2015 ! At that time, BBC were on the way out and Channel 4 coming in and you were the best source for this information. Keep up the awesome work mate 👍🏁

  4. I think the word ‘covered’ is missing from the 2nd paragraph 😮 Once that is rectified the post will fit in with the rest of the usual well researched, informative, and enjoyable posts that you produce. Happy Birthday!

  5. Congratulations Dave! I’ve followed this blog from the beginning, and it has been great to see the breadth and depth of coverage grow to include other race series, and in ever more detail. Keep up the great work!

  6. Congratulations and thank you for the blog, I really enjoy it. I’ve followed F1 mainly, (but like a bit of rallying) over many years off and on, mostly on, but since I retired, F1 has really taken over a lot of my life, especially since my husband died in 2013. I lost him and our motorhoming when he died, so it’s one interest I have left, even at my age, I still love fast cars, right from very young when my mums friend took me to the motor show in a Jaguar with his family, and again when the M1 opened, he took that Jag to the limit! That was ace. I loved reading about Stirling Moss and all the racers, and even some before him, before tv of course, now, at 73, I have to be quite careful driving, but my grandson gave me 10 out of 10 when I drove home across town recently at rush hour, so that was a relief!
    Because I’m not allowed to drink and smoke now, I spend my money on the TalkTalk F1 Sky coverage, but don’t like the fartin grumble, he is very arrogant!
    (Just my opinion) love Ted tho. He fills in the technical stuff a fair bit since that older chap left, can’t remember his name, but he really was so good.
    Keep up the good work, you definitely fill a gap that was just waiting for you, thanks again, and we’ll done. JB.

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