European Grand Prix ratings soar to twelve year high

Boring was not the word on anyone’s lips yesterday afternoon, and the viewers seemed to agree as the European Grand Prix soared to a twelve year ratings high on BBC One and Sky Sports F1. The two broadcasters recorded a combined peak of approximately six million viewers. Five million were watching on BBC One with a further one million approximately on Sky Sports F1. The exact Sky Sports F1 peak figure is unknown, but I suspect it is around the one million viewers region.

In terms of averages, the BBC programme from 12:10 to 15:15 recorded an average of 3.83 million, a 32 percent viewing share, with Sky Sports F1 adding half a million viewers on top of it. The split is a mammoth 88% in BBC’s favour versus 12% for Sky Sports F1. This is by far the biggest split between the two broadcasters in the races that both broadcasters’ have broadcast live, with the split normally nearer the 80% to 20% region.

Irrespective of the splits and who had what, the viewing figures were the highest since the 2000 running of the European Grand Prix, which will please broadcasters after the Canadian Grand Prix was hit very hard from Euro 2012. One thing the new deal is doing is making the ratings analysis much more difficult, instead of it just being a constant low four million or high three million depending on whether, there are other factors to take into account depending on whether Sky has exclusive rights to that particular race and what time BBC’s highlights are on, as we seen with Canada. Here is how the European Grand Prix has rated since 2000:

2000 – 4.85 million
2001 – 3.14 million
2002 – 3.20 million
2003 – 2.80 million
2004 – 2.79 million
2005 – 2.42 million
2006 – 2.50 million
2007 – 3.24 million
2008 – 2.64 million
2009 – 4.09 million
2010 – 3.50 million
2011 – 3.89 million
2012 – 4.33 million

So a super rating for it yesterday, even if it is dwarfed by another certain football rating

As of writing, I haven’t seen any Qualifying ratings so can’t comment on those.

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