Brazilian Grand Prix peaks with over 7 million viewers

The concluding race of the 2012 Formula One season peaked with over 7 million viewers yesterday, overnight viewing figures show. The Brazilian Grand Prix, which saw Sebastian Vettel crowned triple world champion averaged 5.17 million viewers, a 28.3% share of the audience, from 15:00 to 18:15 on BBC One. The race peak came at 17:45 as 6.64 million viewers, a 30% share, saw Jenson Button win the race following Paul di Resta’s crash. The 15-minute breakdown for BBC One went as follows:

– 15:00 – 2.49m (18.0%)
– 15:15 – 3.11m (21.8%)
– 15:30 – 3.69m (24.9%)
– 15:45 – 4.24m (26.8%)
– 16:00 – 5.51m (31.9%)
– 16:15 – 5.74m (32.3%)
– 16:30 – 5.81m (31.6%)
– 16:45 – 6.08m (31.9%)
– 17:00 – 6.10m (30.4%)
– 17:15 – 6.44m (30.5%)
– 17:30 – 6.57m (30.6%)
– 17:45 – 6.21m (28.5%)
– 18:00 – 5.26m (23.9%)

Looking at the more detailed five-minute breakdown, the race started with 5.39 million viewers (31.6% share) at 16:00, growing to 5.87 million viewers by 16:30. Ratings dipped slightly then to 5.70 million at 16:40 before climbing back to 6.19 million ten minutes later – partly thanks to the football going to half time, that dropped from 1.94 million to 1.25 million viewers. Figures largely stayed stable around 6.1 million before climbing to 6.5 million at 17:20, remaining at that level before the 6.64 million peak at 17:45.

When combined with Sky Sports F1, who’s figures and peak I have not seen yet, the peak will rise above 7 million viewers – it is a fair assumption to say Sky Sports F1 had a peak of more than 360,000 viewers. The peak will be down on 2008 and 2009, but in line with the conclusion of the 2010 season which had 7.2 million viewers at its peak for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It is above the average prediction from readers’ of 6.3 million viewers, however.

The F1 yesterday was probably dented by the football, shaving a potential 500,000 viewers from the audience, although I note that the denting was the other way around as well. The Chelsea vs Manchester City ‘Ford Super Sunday’ match averaged 1.30 million viewers, a 6.5% share, from 15:30 to 18:30 which is down on the comparative audience for Liverpool vs Manchester City last year and also was marginally lower than Swansea vs Liverpool just before it as well. The football peaked with 2.23 million at 17:45.

My own opinion is that the figures are good when you also consider that there were no British drivers fighting for the title, and above what I was anticipating. If Sky Sports F1 does add another 1 million to the peak, then the figures will definitely be worth smiling about for both broadcasters’. Overall though, across the season, and I hope to confirm this in the ‘2012 End of Season Verdict’ pieces in December, the ratings have been at their lowest since 2008, something that should not be overlooked.

I shall update this blog if I find the Sky figures – the ‘over 7 million’ peak may be revised to ‘just under 8 million’ if necessary.

Source: Attentional, ITV Media

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