Sky’s Jerez testing coverage delivers solid numbers

Sky Sports F1’s coverage of the first test session of 2013 from Jerez delivered solid numbers to the channel, overnight viewing figures reveal. The figures also show that the amount of viewers tuning in increased as the test progressed towards it’s conclusion, suggesting that the stable timeslot each night helped the viewership. Below is a summary of the ratings:

– 05/02 – 16k, peak: 19k at 21:05
– 06/02 – 12k, peak: 16k at 21:05
– 07/02 – 19k, peak: 28k at 21:00
– 08/02 – 30k, peak: 34k at 21:25

Obviously you could look at those numbers at face value, and say ‘poor’, but considering it is just testing, I think overall those numbers are solid for the channel. The highest rating for the individual shows was Ted’s Notebook on Friday, which averaged 31,000 viewers. That number on its own would have beaten the majority of the IndyCar races from 2012, and smashed the series’ averages for GP3 and IndyCar for 2012. It would also beaten several editions of The F1 Show from 2012. For the channel, it is the highest figure for a programme since The F1 Show Season Review on November 30th.

I would expect the numbers to increase a little bit further somewhat for the first Barcelona test, or stay around the same level heading into the second Barcelona test. Either way, I think those are pleasing numbers when testing could have so easily been under 10k. As I said on Tuesday, it is difficult to gauge just how much interest there is in testing. The format Sky have taken appears to have worked looking at the ratings. Looking ahead to the final test, I don’t expect the Thursday and Friday live numbers to be very high, but Saturday and Sunday could deliver some good ratings for the channel, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Sky’s Jerez testing coverage delivers solid numbers

  1. Decent enough figures there I’d say, especially with it being the first test (might therefore be the “I haven’t seen/heard an F1 car in yonks so I just want to see them/hear the noise of them again” case), but either way, decent enough.

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