Sky Sports F1 – Top 10 ratings (week ending 3rd February, 2013)

From BARB:

1 – 41k – Car Unveiling: McLaren (Friday, 22:02)
2 – 35k – Car Unveiling: Lotus (Friday, 19:31)
3 – 18k – Car Unveiling: Force India (Sunday, 19:01)
4 – 16k – Car Unveiling: McLaren (Sunday, 19:30)
5 – 11k – Mercedes Season Review (Tuesday, 21:31)
6 – 11k – Inside Track: Lewis at Mercedes (Monday, 22:00)
7 – 6k – Car Unveiling: McLaren (Saturday, 19:30)
8 – 6k – Hungarian Grand Prix Highlights (Friday, 19:30)
9 – 5k – Martin Brundle’s How To (Wednesday, 22:45)
10 – 5k – Inside Track: A Weekend with Williams (Thursday, 22:45)
== – 5k – Inside Track: Lewis at Mercedes (Thursday, 22:30)

On Saturday, I made a post which included the following sentence:

“[Ted’s Notebook] is the highest figure for a programme since The F1 Show Season Review on November 30th.”

That statement is actually completely incorrect. I made that statement under the assumption that the car unveiling’s would not do well in comparison. As it turns out, that assumption was wrong on my behalf. The McLaren and Lotus ratings above are quite brilliant for a launch that is not even live!

The McLaren ratings above equal 63,000 viewers which is impressive. Looking at the Hungarian Grand Prix Highlights rating in between, it appears the majority of the viewers came from timeshift, so Ted’s Notebook could well usurp the McLaren rating and go above 41,000 viewers. For those wondering, none of the F1 ‘hours’ for Sky Sports News where the launch was in that hour are not included in BARB’s Top 10.

Either way, Sky Sports F1 has got off to a good start ratings wise for their 2013 content.


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