Motor sport ratings (week ending 20th October, 2013)

Sadly there is not a lot to the motor sport ratings round-up from BARB this week. Motors TV did not report any ratings, whilst the final round of the IndyCar Series failed to make BT Sport 2’s top ten, meaning it had under 12,000 viewers.

The F1 Show recorded one of its lowest figures to date for a studio based edition on Friday 18th October. The figure, the lowest of the year, averaged 18,000 viewers. It was a low week across the channel, only five shows averaged above 10,000 viewers, which is really disastrous overall nearly two years in. I think the mid-week schedule outside of race weekends has to be more structured, because there is absolutely zero flow to the schedules at the moment, it could be described as one programme after the other with no real meaning.

One thought on “Motor sport ratings (week ending 20th October, 2013)

  1. Move it to Monday so you can still get guests the week before a flyaway, you can add a layer of analysis to the GP just gone with the benefit of 24h reflection, and so when I DVR it it’s not out of date by the time I get round to watching it (generally after the Qualy or Race they are “previewing”.

    Alternatively just hire Peter Windsor and give the guy a proper studio.

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