News round-up: Hamilton visits BBC; Perry staying with BBC

In this round-up, the first piece of the 2015 Formula One broadcasting jigsaw has moved into place, and the 2014 Formula One champion has been doing a few bits of a media…

Hamilton visits BBC, on multiple occasions
It has been a very busy week for Lewis Hamilton, following his title victory at last Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Monday started bright and early with media interviews from the likes of BBC Radio, NBC Sports and Sky Sports. 24 hours later, and Hamilton was up in Salford. Hamilton was live on BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 5 Live, in the latter piece, he surprised a nine year old go-karting champion, which was a nice bit of radio to listen to!

On Thursday, Hamilton was on Nick Grimshaw’s Breakfast show on Radio 1, transforming the live lounge into a Scalextric track! He later dropped by ITV’s This Morning programme. Currently, he’s in Stuttgart for a Mercedes publicity event. So a very busy week for the world champion. One programme he was not on was The F1 Show last night due to the Stuttgart event, but I was happy to see Daniel Ricciardo as guest on the show, although admittedly this fact was not promoted too much. Nevertheless, it is nice to see F1 get a lot of publicity with Hamilton doing the media rounds.

Perry staying with BBC F1 for 2015
The first Formula 1 broadcasting announcement of the off-season is that Suzi Perry is definitely staying with the BBC F1 team for 2015, as announced on her Twitter account in response to a fan question. In terms of timescale, expect the 2015 BBC and Sky scheduling details to be confirmed just before Christmas, probably Friday 19th December based on previous years. If there are any major changes, I’d also expect that to be confirmed before Christmas as well, although its worth noting that Gary Anderson’s departure from BBC F1 was not publicly known until after the festive period.

Any broadcasting changes are likely to surround whether Jenson Button is in fact retiring, and if so, whether he wishes to stay in the paddock, but as a broadcaster. If the answer to both of those two questions is yes, then we could see some movement depending on whether Button wishes to join BBC or Sky. One suggestion that I have read is that David Coulthard could join Sky. That would free up a space on BBC’s team for Button to fit into. That would benefit both broadcasters in my eyes. We should get some idea of where things are heading in the next week or so, assuming McLaren do not hold off their driver announcement much longer.

Movement in World Superbikes
Over on two wheels, Steve Day and Gregory Haines have been confirmed as Dorna’s World Feed commentators for the World Superbike Championship. Day moves across from covering bikes for Eurosport since 2011, whilst Haines switches from the MotoGP paddock, where he was World Feed commentator this year alongside Nick Harris.


6 thoughts on “News round-up: Hamilton visits BBC; Perry staying with BBC

  1. Such depressing news, Suzi Perry back for next year, she has no positives when it comes to F1. There must be some BBC executive who still dreams of her days in MotoGP in black leather. She hasn’t gelled with any of the rest of the team and both Jennie Gow and Lee McKenzie are streets ahead, the former proving it in the Formula E anchor role. Mind you, Jennie has Brundle jnr instead of the annoying EJ to bounce off, a big help to having a coherent debate.

    I hope DC doesn’t go to the dark side, he’s currently one of the highlights of the BBC setup, along with Tom Clarkson who is gaining acceptance by the paddock

  2. I swear I’ve read every year, around this time of year, since SKY got in on the action, that DC is due to go to SKY for the upcoming season, and it hasn’t happened after 3 years of them doing it, so I’m not exactly going to place any bets of it happening – I’ll believe it when I see it, no sooner.

  3. Using a forum post by an a random, anonymous person, saying that DC is joining SKY is not really good journalism

    1. Whilst I agree with your point, nowhere have I painted it up as fact. Do I think it will happen?

      I predicted last month on Twitter that Button will end up being on BBC as an analyst. If that does happen, then someone will need to make way given that BBC do not have the resources to bring in more people.

      If Button does join BBC, then Coulthard going to Sky is definitely possible. Like I said in the post, we should know McLaren’s line-up in the next week or two, which should give us a clearer indication as to what Button intends to do.

  4. FFS Perry is staying, she’s an embarrassment to the BBC output.

    As for for who goes where etc, both outputs (more Sky) are not really hampered by their on screen talent but by their very poor editorial control and talent management.

    A few simple examples, why does someone not pull up the Sky gang about machine gunning the same annoying phrases in their commentary.

    Herbert should be told that if he says ‘at the end of the day’ one more time he’s fired.
    Lanzenby should be told that if he says ‘punching above/below their weight’ one more time he’s fired.
    Croft should be told that if he says ‘on the back foot’ one more time he’s fired.

    These people talk for a living, repeating the same cheesy, grammatically poor drivel isn’t on, yet no one at Sky has the balls, enthusiasm or awareness to pull them up on it.

  5. do you think sky f1 is likely to stay on the old hd pack for next season as that is the only way i will be able to get it?

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