Motor sport ratings (week ending 28th July, 2013)

Formula 1’s first Summer break came to a conclusion with the Hungarian Grand Prix, and in the official BARB ratings, both BBC and Sky recorded improvements versus 2012. BBC One’s highlights programme averaged 3.78 million viewers, an increase of 140,000 viewers against the overnight ratings, which is quite frankly tuppence by today’s standards where primetime programmes can timeshift near to a million viewers. Like I said, it is marginally up on 2012, 80,000 viewers up to be exact. Sky Sports F1’s race programme averaged 812,000 viewers, an increase of 70,000 viewers from the overnight ratings, although this is as a result of the ad-breaks being stripped out of the official ratings. The programme average was up 94,000 on 2012.

Elsewhere on Sky Sports F1:

432,000 – Live Qualifying (Saturday, 12:00)
94,000 – Live Practice 3 (Saturday, 09:45)
59,000 – GP Uncovered (Sunday, 16:30)
54,000 – Live GP2 Race 1 (Saturday, 14:35)
47,000 – The F1 Show (Friday, 17:00)
42,000 – Live Practice 2 (Friday, 12:45)

Overall, the practice ratings are up year-on-year although practice one was for some reason outside of the top ten. Nevertheless, very pleasing to see GP Uncovered in the top ten as it is not often that it makes the top ten. Solid rating for the first GP2 race, I do hope it continues to improve ratings wise, Sky need to maximise the fact that GP2 and GP3 after F1 Qualifying as much as possible.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed was ITV4’s main highlight, with ‘The First 20 Years’ bringing 350,000 viewers to the channel on Wednesday (24th July) at 21:00. 390,000 viewers watched the 2013 action a day later. Motors TV is the only other worthy mention this week, the Blancpain Endurance Series topping its chart with 19,000 viewers.


3 thoughts on “Motor sport ratings (week ending 28th July, 2013)

  1. The current Sky figures have been widely discredited, at the start of the season Sky accurately recorded the viewing figures, but as the 2013 figures were over 20% down on their 2012 figures, Sky took upon themselves to misrepresent their programme lengths and subsequently raise the average viewing figures.

    It would not be wide of the mark to assume the figures are still in excess of 20% below last years numbers if honestly reported.

    The bigger story is why do Sky feel the need to lie about the viewing figures?

    • I don’t think the Hungarian figures have been misrepresented. If you look on BARB, the start time of the following programme (GP Uncovered) is accurate (16:29). Also, having seen a breakdown of the overnight ratings, Sky Sports F1 averaged 722,000 viewers (7.95%) between 11:30 and 16:25. Removing the ad-breaks within the overnight 5 minute breakdown and this rises to 795,000 (8.72%).

      Obviously I’m looking at a 5-minute breakdown and not a 1-minute breakdown, but I’d say there is nothing misrepresenting about the 812,000 official average that BARB has recorded for the main race programme.

  2. as I non sky watcher I have sort given up watching Qualifying highlights on the bbc as just very messy and hard to follow. I guess they are not allowed to cut the first 20 minutes of talking about rubbish and just show qualifying unedited or just miss first knockout phase out.

    Still miss the three sets of super sticky tyres and spare car if crashed and hour to do what you want. Just seemed more exciting. Maybe that’s the problem.

    400000 on watchers on sky seem really low number compared to how much sky paid for the rights and how much the sponsors pay teams to have there logos even if its just the uk market.

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