Motor sport ratings (week ending 13th October, 2013)

The British Touring Car Championship was the highlight on BARB this weekend as the series came to a conclusion. The final race day of the season, from 10:45 averaged 364,000 viewers across nearly eight hours on ITV4, a fantastic figure. Last year, the broadcast averaged 318,000 viewers, although the show was 15 minutes longer (in an eight hour broadcast this would have made very little difference to the overall average).

Sadly, not all of the Sky Sports F1 data has been processed properly, meaning not everything is available, but here is what is on the site:

212,000 – Live Qualifying (Saturday, 05:00)
=> 117,000 – 05:00 to 06:00
=> 267,000 – 06:00 to 07:45
120,000 – First 30 minutes of Race Build-Up (Sunday, 05:30)
100,000 – Race Replay (Sunday, 11:30)
68,000 – Qualifying Replay (Saturday, 11:00)
46,000 – Race Notebook (Sunday, 19:00)
44,000 – Qualifying Notebook (Sunday, 19:00)

What is interesting there is that live coverage of Qualifying did better for Japan than Korea, despite the latter being a Sky exclusive weekend which is a bit strange.

No BBC data, with both MotoGP and Formula 1 on the fly-aways, it means that individual airings do not make either BBC One’s or BBC Two’s top 30. Last weeks Broadcast magazine however did overnight ratings of 550,000 (7.6%) for the MotoGP live airing, with 630,000 (5.7%) watching the repeat later on. F1’s Japan overnights can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Motor sport ratings (week ending 13th October, 2013)

  1. 384000 for btcc is pretty pathetic. The Bathurst 1000 averaged just under a million for it’s broadcast of about 8 hours. And that’s in a country if only 22 million people!

  2. I’m shocked by the F1 figures – why would nearly 4 million people want to invest two hours of their life watching that?

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