Motors TV branding to be replaced by from March 1st

The Motors TV brand will disappear at the end of this month, with taking its place from March 1st.

Social media ‘headers’ on Motors TV’s Facebook and Twitter pages officially confirm the move, a move widely expected following Motorsport Network’s acquisition of the channel last November. For the first time, content will be available in high-definition from March 1st on HD.

For UK readers, the channel will remain on the Sky and Virgin Media platforms. The only thing that will change for the moment is the channels’ branding, and the picture quality. The channel will continue to show championships such as the FIA World Endurance Championship this season.

Social media header confirming the channel move.

10 thoughts on “Motors TV branding to be replaced by from March 1st

  1. Glad to see this change and the guaranteed future of a Motorsport specific channel.

    But as far as picture quality goes, I suppose we can expect 1080p in a couple of years and 4K in about another decade.

  2. How about alternatives to Virgin/Sky? I don’t want to pay out for packages of channels I’ll never watch just to get Motors and I won’t give money to Murdoch out of principle. In this day and age it should be possible to sign up for streaming like Blancpain and the WEC do.

  3. Let’s hope that Motorsport Network recognise the value of having a proper Freeview channel as Motors TV once did.

    WEC etc. lost me as a viewer when the channel reverted to a streaming only Freeview channel before removing even that.

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