Channel 5 retains MotoGP highlights for 2018

Channel 5 will continue to broadcast MotoGP highlights in 2018, this site can confirm.

The highlights offering has been available to free-to-air broadcasters since live coverage of MotoGP left free-to-air television at the end of 2013. ITV4 aired highlights in 2014, 2015 and 2016, but the package switched to Channel 5 starting with the 2017 season.

A spokesperson for Dorna, MotoGP’s commercial rights holder, has confirmed that Channel 5 will air highlights of the MotoGP championship in 2018.

According to overnight viewing figures supplied by, Channel 5’s highlights offering averaged 406k (2.4%) in 2017, a strong increase on the 285k (1.4%) that watched ITV4’s highlights programme the previous season.

Furthermore, for fans worried that the free-to-air highlights package may disappear as a result of the new deal between MotoGP and BT Sport, Dorna have confirmed to this site that a free-to-air highlights package will continue to be available to UK broadcasters from 2019 onwards.

The channel for the highlights package beyond this year is unconfirmed as of writing.

Update on March 17th – In response to a few commenters on this piece. Channel 5 are showing highlights from Qatar, but on Wednesday evening at 19:00.


16 thoughts on “Channel 5 retains MotoGP highlights for 2018

    1. I search for ch5 highlights but only comes up bt sport ones,they used to show it on the monday after race day

  1. Not good enough to put on wed night . There are british riders so the MP for sport should step in and force a sunday highlight package . As for BT sport we don’t all pay through the nose for BT broadband or Sky so can’t watch it.

  2. Pity BT don’t concentrate on internet and phone connection and leave sport to the tv providers who specialises in sport. Just another ripoff Britain.

  3. why does channel 5 not show the whole of moto 2, moto 3, + moto gp,from qualifying to races – it could be an early morning slot – which we could record an play back at our leisure, bt can surely make there money elsewhere!!!, leave our moto gp alone!!!

  4. I can’t afford BT Sport through SKY so watch MotoGP for free on my Tablet via the Mobdro App.

  5. Need to see highlights on Monday evening. Wednesday no good. Also need gp 1 & 2. Very poor coverage.

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