di Resta to replace Brundle as Sky’s co-commentator in Canada

Paul di Resta will replace Martin Brundle as Sky’s co-commentator for the Canadian Grand Prix, it has been confirmed.

Brundle was already set to miss the European Grand Prix in Baku as previously reported due to the clash with the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, his absense will now be extended to cover Montreal as well. Writing on Twitter, Brundle said that he had a “medical procedure last week, [which] went extremely well.” As a result, Brundle will not be in Montreal. Sky’s lead commentator David Croft has confirmed that di Resta will be replacing Brundle in Canada. I assume di Resta will also cover for Brundle in Baku as well.

Although the circumstances are unforseen, this is the first time that Brundle has missed two consecutive races since he started his commentary duties in 1997 with ITV. Brundle last missed Canada between 1997 and 1999 with Mark Blundell and Derek Warwick replacing him in those years.


3 thoughts on “di Resta to replace Brundle as Sky’s co-commentator in Canada

  1. Thing was, when Brundle was absent from Canada in the late 90’s there was still Murray Walker to hold the fort…I appreciate Croft’s enthusiasm but he is no Murray and his mistakes come off more as idiotic than loveable. Hopefully Paul outshines him and puts him in his place.

  2. If a dour Scot isn’t your thing for co-commentator there’s alwasys McNish on 5Live and DC on Channel 4…

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