Chris Evans rules himself out of BBC F1 presenter

Chris Evans has today ruled himself out the BBC Formula 1 presenter position, following the vacancy left by Jake Humphrey in September. Evans, in his Daily Mail column, said that he went to a meeting for the role, but said “it would be unfair on everyone involved for me to be given a job I don’t really have the time to do.” It is not particularly surprising to see him linked to the role in the first place being a big Formula 1 fan, but at the same point, not surprising to see him not taking it. The thing with Formula 1 is that it takes up a major proportion of the year, 20 races and four or five days at each weekend takes up a significant amount of time.

Whilst Evans has ruled himself out, he does suggest Clare Balding or Gabby Logan for the presenter position, the latter I suggested as a main possibility on the day of Humphrey’s departure. Being a BBC employee helps and Logan as far as I am aware does not do a lot of work currently with BBC. Balding, however, is unlikely to zero on the basis that she was unveiled as presenter of Channel 4’s racing coverage a few months ago.

The interesting thing about Evans blog on the Daily Mail website is that it also includes a list of suggestions for the BBC Formula 1 presenter’s job… directly from Jake Humphrey. Humphrey suggests, and I’ll go through this one by one:

Julia Bradbury: I had to Google this, I knew she presents Countryfile currently, but did not realise that she presented Speedway on Channel 4 in the early 2000’s. I guess it is always possible, but she does a lot of work for BBC at the moment, and I don’t see her ditching that for Formula 1 around the world. I’d rate this as unlikely.
Lee McKenzie: The lead candidate having been with BBC F1 since its inception in 2009. A safe pair of hands, a lot of experience means McKenzie is highly likely to get the position.
Suzi Perry: Perry was ousted as MotoGP presenter on BBC at the end of 2010, so I don’t forsee her joining the Formula 1 team. I think this is unlikely to happen.
Steve Rider: Like McKenzie, Rider would be a safe pair of hands. But would he want to exchange the BTCC and his F1 Legends commitments at Sky with presenting BBC F1 for a second time? Possibly, but I’m not so sure he would want to go travelling around the world with an ever demanding Formula 1 schedule.
Phillip Schofield: No chance. One of ITV’s biggest presenters (This Morning, Dancing on Ice, Mr and Mrs to name three shows), and if BBC tried to get him, they’d have to offer him a lot of money to get him to do it.

As always, I may be completely wrong, but they are my thoughts looking at the suggestions. I still think McKenzie is the most likely. We’re in November now, so we should know in the next month or two for definite what is happening.

6 thoughts on “Chris Evans rules himself out of BBC F1 presenter

  1. Lee McKenzie changed her Twitter profile a week or two back, it now begins “TV Presenter, Journalist, BBCF1”. Previously there was a reference to her being the pit-lane reporter, which has now vanished.

    1. I’ve just realised you’re on Twitter (I only joined last week) – apologies for stating what you probably already knew!

      1. Haha, that’s absolutely fine, the comments section here has over 140 characters, and I was half way through typing, so….

        The calendar point is not too surprising, for 2013 the calendar is not changing too much, but if there were drastic changes then one side may wish to change, so it makes sense to do it every year. Plus next year there is no Olympics so things should be more balanced out.

        Surprised the discussion process is still going on regarding presenter. We should be getting something soon though, because Simon Lazenby was announced last year on December 7th, whereas the BBC F1 team was announced on November 24th, 2008. History suggests it will be this side of Christmas.

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