Director questions BBC’s F1 2015 closing video

Many of you reading this will remember the BBC’s closing video to the 2015 Formula One season. The song ‘Coming Home’ by Sigma and Rita Ora played over in the background and featured three painters (meant to represent Suzi Perry, Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard) painting walls around a disused factory to depict the season just gone.

As a closer, I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was one of BBC’s best efforts. For those that don’t remember, have a watch:

Then, have a watch of this video for the artist SOFLES, released in November 2013.

Notice a resemblance? You’re not the only one. The director behind the ‘Limitless’ music video Selina Miles has written a Facebook post about it. Mainly directed at Nike for a separate infringement, Miles also says: “I was emailed by someone from the BBC about this project, and I replied with some rough schedule dates and never heard again. Copied from their email: ‘I have been very impressed with your graffiti films and your use of hyper time-lapse and stop frame techniques and was wondering if you would be able to help us on a project. I understand that the practicalities of this could be impossible as you are Brisbane based but I work on the BBC’s coverage of Formula 1 motor racing. We are always looking for different ways to close the end of the season and bring together some of the many great images we’ve experienced. I saw the films you have done with Sofles and loved them.’

The story has been picked up by The Guardian. In it, they say that a BBC spokeswoman “said they had not received any communication from Miles regarding the accusation and as such would not provide comment.” I would not be surprised if there are a lot of subtle examples of this out there. Inevitably, those within the sporting world and beyond find inspiration from a variety of different sources. It is just that in this instance it appears to be a more obvious than other examples, which is why we are hearing about it in the press.


5 thoughts on “Director questions BBC’s F1 2015 closing video

  1. I did wonder where they got their inspiration from. Seemed quite strange a concept for an F1 montage; now we know. It’s a shame that BBC’s closing salvo is now tarnished.

    It would have been quite different if the original video was more well known, at least then it wouldn’t have looked like the BBC was taking credit for it.

    @David – Have you removed Google+ integration from your comment section?

  2. It’s the first time I’ve seen it as my priority has always been to watch the sport live, and to me that means one broadcaster. It’s quite clear what’s gone on here and the comment from the BBC just shows their declining standards.
    They were once the most admired broadcaster, but they have declined over the last 20 years. Some of it is down to their own poor management but the BBC Trust are also responsible. They have forgotten their core principles and are trying to be too diverse.

    On the other hand, it’s now difficult with modern access to media to not be easily influenced by others work, but this looks to be quite blatent.

  3. This is quite an interesting story.

    The project she originally grizzles over (Nike) is laughable, she’s trying to claim entire ownership of time-lapse video creation, ridiculous. There is no narrative comparison and the style is far too generic to call foul.

    The BBC piece on the other hand is blatant theft, the look, narrative, and shooting style are a direct rip off and Selina Miles should be taking legal action.

    Such a shame as Khairul said to have gone out on such a sour note.

    It leaves me reflecting on what’s worse, the BBC ripping off a hard working independent director or Sky allowing their staff to build their showreels with inappropriate dross.

  4. Not seen that before.
    Remember watching the last race of the BBC coverage and the whole tv team were all lined up and Suzi said something about ‘we may return’.
    Cannot remember seeing that video. A bit naff really and naughty plagiarising, The old Beeb would never have done that.

  5. At the Abu Dhabi GP David Coulthard said something about it being his last grid walk, then obviously remembered his ‘brief’ and qualified it with ‘this season’. So no doubt he was aware the BBC were going to pull the plug on F1 before it was made public.

    At least DC will be involved this year with C4 which is good as he has grown into the job.

    No Eddie Jordan though as he has gone to BBC Top Gear (announced this morning). I don’t know if this is fact or rumour but I heard that Jordan had signed a 3yr BBC contract only last year (to take him up to the then scheduled end of the BBC F1 contract) and he wanted fully paying off for his remaining contract. Hence his inclusion in the Top Gear team as it avoids the BBC having to pay him off. Perhaps the site owner can confirm this??

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